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Key GOP Groups Are More Fired Up To Vote In Midterms Than Democrats, NPR Poll Finds

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That must be one of the polls that no Joy Reid thinks is part of a campaign by Republican-backed firms to tip averages in favor of their candidates.

NPR (a.k.a. National Propaganda Radio) had the results of a very interesting NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll that reported that Democrats have lost ground among definite voters in November’s midterm elections. While you should be careful of the sleep-inducing aspects of listening to National Propaganda Radio when operating heavy equipment. The infuriating aspect that the anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far-left have their own propaganda operation partially funded at taxpayers’ expense will also keep you on your toes. Plus, it’s always interesting to listen to what the liberty deniers are saying.

However, we couldn’t help but laugh at the report that went by at least two different headlines: ‘With days to go, Democrats’ enthusiasm lags behind GOP, new NPR poll finds’ then later on ‘Key GOP groups are more fired up to vote in midterms than Democrats, NPR poll finds’.

Heading into the final week of voting, some of Democrats’ key base voters’ levels of enthusiasm are far below that of Republican-base voter groups, the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found. It is the last NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey before voting wraps up Tuesday.

The actual results from the NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll (clearly a Republican conspiracy cabal if there ever was one) Democrats Lose Ground Among Definite Voters in November’s Midterm Elections, from November 2, 2022, original link here:

According to this national NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll, the Republican candidates running for Congress are +3 points over the Democrats among voters nationally who say they definitely plan to vote in this year’s elections. This marks a 6-point shift from last month when the Democrats were up by 3 points over the Republicans. Democrats face strong headwinds: core voters with lower interest in the election than Republicans; a sitting president whose approval and favorable ratings are underwater; and an American electorate that sees Republicans as better able to handle inflation which tops the list of national concerns.

This along with all of the other glaring evidence of a pro-freedom tsunami is contrasted with the fevered conspiracy dreams of Joy Reid over on the Mostly Socialist National Brandon Channel:

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CRACKPOT Joy Reid Accuses GOP of Rigging Polls to Create Narrative of a Red Wave 

MSNBC’s The ReidOut

 10/31/2022 7:46:51 p.m. Eastern

JOY REID: Here in the United States, we’re a little over a week away from our own midterm elections. And if you believe the recent headlines, you would think that MAGA fascism is ascendant. If you get past those headlines and dig a little deeper, you uncover an insidious and seemingly intentional campaign by Republican-backed polling firms to flood the zone and tip the balance of polling averages in favor of their candidates. To create a narrative that Republicans are surging and that a red wave is imminent and inevitable. 

In a word, she is wrong; the evidence we’ve presented makes that perfectly clear. However, there is one final aspect of this that has to be addressed, given that we have another rendition of the big lie from the far left. It should be plainly obvious that ignoring this blatant historical falsehood doesn’t do any good.

Since the liberty deniers insist on repeating this lie ad nauseam, we’ll present a few facts to show that they are liars, and if you can’t trust them on an issue such as this, why should you trust them on anything else?

Let’s start with how the primary purveyor of fascism defined it:

“The definition of fascism is the marriage of corporation and state” Benito Mussolini

With education dissertations defining Fascism similarly:

As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. The word derives from fasces, the Roman symbol of collectivism and power: a tied bundle of rods with a protruding ax.

Please take note of the close similarity to socialism with the collectivist symbology. You will note that the left tends to use subjective, evidence-free accusations whenever they spew their big lie projections. Their prevailing standards for what is ‘fascism’ seems to be whatever the pro-freedom right happens to be doing at the moment. In this case, the projection made by the MSNBC host was meaningless and wrong, just as her accusations of rigged polling.

Originally published on the American Thinker  

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.