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Voting For Sanity

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This is an epic struggle between common sense and chaos, the majority forces of individual sanity versus the minority collective insanity of the left.

Sometimes you don’t really become angry at the political situation in the country until it hits home. Being steeped in the sheer insanity of observing, documentingand archiving what the anti-liberty left is doing daily, you would think you would be immune to seeing its localized effects.

Your mind can intellectually separate what is going on in the rest of the world and what is taking place near you. You can think of the former as abstract and at a lower level of importance, while the latter is concrete and something you cannot ignore.

The strange thing is that we’re not getting as angry as you would think at the daily onslaught of leftist lies and accusations from the party of projection. We sort of expect them to incessantly project rampant fascist authoritarianism on those of us on the pro-freedom right. In case they didn’t realize it, they are the villains in this movie, no matter how much they try to pretend otherwise. But when they have to constantly lie about such things, they need to look in the mirror to see the bad guy (and don’t start with us on the insane multi-climate change gender bender BS).

They don’t realize it, but all of that is going to be their downfall, because if they are going to lie about something this big, why should we trust them on anything else?

This is why there is a growing body of evidence for a landslide for liberty, a tsunami for freedom that will dwarf any pathetic cheating the lying leftists will try this time around.

We find it infuriating that they have impacted common ordinary occurrences, such as going to the store and consistently seeing empty spaces on the shelves. It’s having to stock up on diesel fuel for the Kubota and it’s dealing with problems that shouldn’t exist in the United States of America.

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When you go to several stores and none of them are stocked up on the basics like milk, and there isn’t a blizzard in the forecast, then you know something is seriously wrong. On top of all that the liberty deniers could at least stop trying to insult our intelligence and still claim it’s the pandemic. We all know that is a lie, so they should know it too. We know they are masters at mendacity, so they could try to throw us a bone, exercise their creativity, and at least come up with some new lies. There is just something about being subjected to the same projections: fascist, National Socialist German Workers’ Party, far-right, etc. That is downright insulting, it’s as though they don’t want to be bothered with coming up with new material or that we haven’t seen through their lies of the past.

We didn’t vote to move to Venezuela (please note that the language on that had to be cleaned up a bit).  We don’t care if liberty deniers don’t want to properly call it by the S-word- socialism or any of the other ‘isms’ that are supposed to bring about a “worker’s paradise”, we know what it is and we know that it’s failed miserably.

Insanity is all part of the plan.

To see what we’re up against, you must understand the general operational philosophy of the socialists of the nation’s left. They intend to constantly keep things in flux and changing, never letting anyone get used to current conditions.

This will naturally cause pushback on the part of the pro-freedom community, giving the liberty deniers a prime opportunity to claim we are overreacting, ‘reactionary’ or an oldie but goodie ‘counter-revolutionaries.’

They intend to propagandize the situation so that it’s not what they are doing that’s the problem, but how we’re reacting that’s causing chaos. It was the left that started teaching CRT, but concerned parents showing up at school board meetings were the ones branded as ‘domestic terrorists. It was the left that threw open the border, but only when a few illegal invaders were flown to New York and Marth’s Vineyard that it became a political issue.

No matter what happens, they must push things one more step, gay marriage became transgender rights. We probably don’t want to know where they want to take it from there, but rest assured, it will be something even more insane unless they are stopped.

These are people who have nothing to offer but January 6, 2021, Insanity, and abortion on demand up until birth. These are people who create chaos and then complain when we want a return to common sense and sanity. Then they wonder why no one wants to vote for them.

There is a great line in the song of true resistance to communist oppression in Cuba “Patria y Vida” (Homeland and Life) translated as: “Who told you that Cuba belongs to you?” as a defiant question to the communist-leftist rulers of that open-air prison.

Well, we in this country could ask the same of the oligarchy that wants to rule us with an iron fist.

Who told you that the United States belongs to you?

You issued ‘one final warning’ as though the country and the very definitions of the words we use belong to you. You have nothing to offer but chaos and insanity, and if there is any justice in this world a stunning majority will (rhetorically) throw you out of office.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.