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All The Signs Point To A Landslide For Liberty; Are The Leftists Still Going To Cheat?

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Does the nation’s socialist left expect to get away with rampant cheating once again, even though there is no longer any rationale for mail-in voting?

Riddle me this Batman, how does the nation’s socialist left plan to explain the sudden appearance of thousands of mysterious extra votes in light of all the indications of a pro-freedom tsunami?

The past few weeks have been a constant stream of bad news for the anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far left. We had to laugh back in September when a Democrat operative put out this infamous piece:

Midterms: The big red wave has crested and turned into a rising blue tide

Because of course, everyone is itching to be deprived of their Constitutional civil rights, and pay more and more for food, gas, and everything else. Along with having the country destroyed under our feet, what’s not to love?

Since then, the tide has turned against our fascist ‘friends’ on the far left. In early October they started worrying that they had peaked too soon ahead of the midterms, and even then their midterm hopes faded. Democrat panic started when the New York Times showed a massive swing of independent women voters to the GOP. New York magazine started talking about ‘a Category 2 or 3 Hurricane headed Democrats’ way’.

They had always struggled with their ‘messaging’ on the crisis they’ve caused (go figure). Going so far as to claim that we were part of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party for caring about it. Democrats were so desperate, they turned to Obama to Boost Turnout. Telling Georgia Democrats, the always inspiring message: ‘Resist the Temptation to Give Up’.

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Towards the end of October Politico raised concerns that: Young voters were MIA. The Collectivist News Network was trying to soften the blow with this piece on the coming landslide for liberty at least in the House of Representatives.

A few days ago Donny Deutsch of the Mostly Socialist National Bolshevik Channel expressed his fear: “I’m really scared about a bloodbath 10 days from now.” California Governor Gavin Newsom admits the Democrats have been ‘destroyed‘ on messaging and they face a Republican red wave in the midterms. In addition to all that, it was reported that election polls were Underestimating Republican Margins By 5%.

Even more ominous for the left: Democrats were switching voter registrations to GOP in Pennsylvania. With lifelong Democrats in Oregon Saying They’re Ready to Vote Red. With the New York Times complaining: If Oregon Turns Red, Whose fault will that be?

Of course, in a final desperation move, New York’s fish wrap of choice trotted out one of the left’s oldest tactics: Republicans, Eyeing Majority, Float Changes to Social Security and Medicare.

We couldn’t help but laugh at this report: Key GOP groups more fired up to vote in midterms than Democrats, NPR poll finds.

Then we had this from the Cook Political Report: In Final Push For Senate Control, Republican Momentum Grows. It’s not just what they are saying, but what they are doing that is vitally important.

Instead of campaigning in swing states, they had to expend resources in far-left strongholds.

Why Democrats Are Suddenly Very Nervous Obama, both Clintons, and even Biden tries to rescue their party from a potential rout. From CNN: New York Democrats are bracing for stunning Election Day losses, and they already have a fall guy. Everyone’s talking about how the GOP Will Create a ‘Red Tsunami’ Across the US. We prefer landslide for liberty since it’s more meaningful, but we digress.

Even the New Yorker put out this interesting piece: Why Republican Insiders Think the G.O.P. Is Poised for a Blowout.  Senate Forecasts Now Predict Republican Takeover–Here’s Where The GOP Has Gained The Edge. Even now, Biden is in full denial of what is happening.

So how is the left going to manage a cheat-from-behind win in all of this? All the momentum is on the pro-freedom side, so how are they going to try and pull this off?

Screaming ridiculous phrases can only take you so far. The word ‘denier’ means ‘one who denies’, so they want everyone to think people are denying an election took place, a lie in the phrase if there ever was one. But that is all they have, on top of the fact that they are far more guilty of the practice when they lose – looking at you Hillary.

There have been cases of thousands of ballots being ‘inadvertently’ sent out all over the country for no discernible reason. Along with Colorado ‘Accidentally’ Sending Out 30,000 Voter Registration Cards to Non-Citizens. But that’s probably nothing, even though the severe issues of election integrity and chain of custody are blithely dismissed as cry(ing) about mail-in ballots. Because we all know how secure those are, that’s why hardly anyone else interested in free and fair elections would even touch them.

They must know that the proverb ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me’ is very appropriate here. The momentum is clearly on the side of freedom, they must know they are playing with fire if they think that massively cheating and then dismissing it as ‘election denial’ is going to have any traction this time around.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.