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Trump Shifts His Fire to the Right

Donald Trump has been firing relentlessly on his left flank – endorsing candidates and working to get them elected. But now that the left is lying in smoldering ruins, he’s transitioning to primary campaign mode – because his intent to run for President again is the world’s worst kept secret. That inevitably means that he’s shifting his fire to his right flank. He has destroyed all of the Dems within range, and now he’s targeting a few Republicans.

First, he attacked Mike Pence. I know he was disappointed that Pence didn’t do anything to correct the injustices of the last election. But frankly, there wasn’t much that Pence could do. His hands were constitutionally tied. But maybe the Donald was just attacking him because he’s a New Yorker and the guys from the Big Apple always attack the nice guys that seem vulnerable. I think it’s a cultural thing. They call it busting balls.

He also attacked Liz Cheney (R-Nowhere). That attack is a bit easier to understand. Nobody has earned a good b*tch slapping more than her. In fact, some other Republicans should pile on.

Then he followed it up with a few rounds directed at Ron DeSantis – calling him Governor DeSanctimonious and accusing him of being ungrateful. I have no idea why Trump thinks DeSantis owes him gratitude. I seem to remember DeSantis, as a congressman, standing with Trump throughout the Russian collusion hoax. So, I’m not sure who the actual ingrate is here.

The attack on DeSantis is particularly notable because everyone expects the two to face off against each other in the upcoming Republican primary. And everybody knows the contest will be epic. So, Trump being Trump, threw the first punch. I guess he figured it was going to happen eventually, so he might as well “get it on.”

I must admit that this is the one things that has always bothered me about Donald Trump – his willingness to pick unnecessary fights within his own party. But that is simply who the man is. If we want the fight, we have to endure the fault – and we desperately need someone who will fight. We don’t need any repeats of 2012 (thank you very much Mittens). 

Though I wish Trump wouldn’t do this so aggressively within his own party, I must admit that, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger.” The Donald will either destroy DeSantis, or make him invincible. It could go either way, and I think DeSantis is just as likely to destroy Trump.

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If DeSantis survives the Trump offensive, the Dems will be helpless against him – regardless of how many times they try to impeach him. If Trump wins, well he’s still Trump. That won’t be happy news for the Dems either.

When all of the primary dust settles, the conservatives are going to get another fighter in the White House. Sorry Dems. There will be no George McClellan on the ticket in 2024. Sleepy Joe, Cackling Kamala, or Gavin HairGel is going to have to square off against George Patton or Omar Bradley – and both could win battles. The Donald will punch them in the nose without warning. The Ron will work within the Marquess of Queensberry Rules but will still end it in way less than 12 rounds. Either will leave the Dems unconscious on the mat with no hope of revival before the count reaches 10.

The fight between Trump and DeSantis will probably get ugly, and it may result in a sad ending for one of the two. But it will also strengthen the Republican party. In the end, we will get a President in 2024 who is an unapologetic America first fighter, who will take no prisoners, nor accept any compromise with socialist radicals from the left. America wins either way.

By John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at