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It Would Be Nice If Lawyers Learned Law In Law School

Recently on Fox News (11-10-22) Jesse Watters’s evening hour, he had as one of his guests, Kellyanne Conway, a prominent Republican and assistant to President Trump during his administration. Watters and she were discussing the recent election and the nonsensical counting methods by various states. But during the middle of the conversation, Mrs. Conway said that “I prefer the one person one vote constitutional right guaranteed right enshrined in our great document.”

Now Mrs. Conway has always seemed like a decent honorable and mostly sweet young lady –as a sexist would say—and I don’t mean to single her out. But she graduated magna cum laude from Trinity University. and is, as well, a Phi Betta Kappa. Furthermore, she graduated with honors from George Washington law school. She is a lawyer. She is a lawyer and she made the statement (as above), “I prefer the one person one vote constitutional right guaranteed right enshrined in our great document.”

The reason I mentioned that I was not singling her out was that there are thousands (maybe millions—who cares) of lawyers and I suspect she is not the only one who couldn’t pass a simple 10 question 9th grade civics test we of the so-called Silent Generation had to pass on The Constitution many years ago.

In any event, most of the lawyers and lawless (mostly Democrats) roaming the halls of academia or roaming the streets of San Francisco love to pronounce angelic glorification on something they call– depending on what politically correct pedigree one has– the Founding Fathers, or just The Founders  (Father or Mother I suppose), or for the decadent Bernie Sanders “Squad” types, they call them those slave-owning racists autocratic misogynists, etc.(when stupidity gets out it spreads like a venereal disease).

But back to the point. The point is that I would be surprised if most lawyers let alone the oft-mentioned so-called “Constitutional” lawyers could pass my previously mentioned civic test—anyway what is a Constitutional lawyer? I thought all were supposed to be such a thing. Don’t they all take an oath to support it? Perhaps at some point, they should read it. 

But then members of congress swear to it and most never have read it. But I digress

But I am not picking on Mrs. Conway, even with the company she keeps. Jesse Waters? Goof grief, he’s the genius (along with several others) who said the Democrat party started slavery (before there was a Democrat party). And he didn’t seem to disagree with her Constitutional misappropriation.

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There is no mention of a right to vote in the original constitution or the Bill of Rights. As a matter of fact, 11 years earlier some of the same ilk of manhood (you know, racists, misogynist, etc) who signed onto a common Declaration of Independence, stated that all rights came from God. And to that end, I don’t know where anyone, Gentile or Jew can offer a hint of a suggestion that God ever gave us a “right to vote.” A right to choose right or wrong, yes. The right to vote something right or wrong—no!

The first time the phrase comes up is in the 15th Amendment, and that is only in an offhanded manner by a largely corrupted new national government. 

Meanwhile, the equally idiotic “one person one vote” (originally “one man one vote” but updated for the woeful ill-kempt grammarians-maybe she lost her Phi Betta Kappa key).

But never mind, one person one vote was a concept pulled out of Plato’s discarded notes by another, from the past, legal monster Earl Warren. With this wicked concept, Warren essentially spits on the bicameral system of government whereby one group votes by population, the other by state or township. 

But this kind of dullard political thinking has given us the kind of rift-raft we have in politics and government today. The kind who screamed that “democracy is on the ballot.” They screamed to the housetops such drivel. 

They should know about “voting rights” and democracies.  They are the majority who called for Barabbas. Like Ox-Bow, that was a democracy. Such is not surprising. But sad.

But what is even sadder is that people who claim to stand conservative, and even in the company of conservative presidents, do not know better.

And by the time they learn it will be too late.