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Midterm Results Confirm Americans Would Rather Be Serfs Than Freedom Fighters

The Tuesday election results confirmed the continuing fall of our society into the depths of serfdom and that we have done nothing to stop it. Our government has moved inexorably towards being an extension of the world financial nobility.  The ability to examine the current situation and act to stop the descent is apparently beyond the capabilities or interest of our citizens.  The central power has certainly noticed that its’ system for control has not upset the lethargy of the people.

A fruitful democracy is not designed to handle this type situation.  Too many citizens are enjoying their couch to peer into the future.  They expect someone else to step in and rescue the situation. The only option left is a rising of another controlled opposition. Historically mob rule is the creation of a competing group of nobility interested in dethroning the current structure of graft and then enjoying its’ benefits.  Funds and organization for riots in the street in Paris in 1789 for example originated with such a group.  End to riots occurs when the help faces a Napoleon style “whiff of grapeshot” or a round of bullets such as Kent State or funding is withdrawn by its’ creators.  Most people will not rise to oppose any decree and will whine and wait passively for instructions.  Citizens currently shiver in the cells of DC in enforced silence as an example of our lack of interest and lack of personal morality. 

As we know only about two percent of the people participated in our revolution.  It was the intersession of the educated wealthy plantation group of Mr. Jefferson and mercantile traders such as John Hancock that barely were able to raise enough capital to fund our freedom. Most people stayed home ignoring the inconvenience and attended to their own lives as is the situation today.  We are independent because British money ran out, not because of any great uprising from the mass of our people.  The only good news is that the two percent always exists.

The current lease of the country by its’ new rulers began in 1913 with the blackmail of Woodrow Wilson for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. The destruction of the first National Bank of the US was the result of a marvelous campaign by Andrew Jackson that resulted in 80 years of financial freedom. But the new ability to print money that removes responsibility for budgets and accountability from the Congress proved too big a lure for the petty criminals in DC so the bank returned from the grave.

The Wall Street crowd benefits from laborers fattening its’ pockets which is the great innovation of the Federal Reserve.  They can easily purchase politicians because Congress can blame the Fed for political errors.  It is an easy way to avoid responsibility while continuing to be paid by the same banks.  This ability allows the government to grow and extend its’ control.  Printing money allows exponential growth to power with no restrictions and no end in sight such as we suffer today.

The Biden regime or should we say the international socialist societies managed to stave off destruction this week even though nationally 6 million more people voted conservative instead of international socialist. Voting and polls are interesting but it takes a great deal to motivate the masses.  This is the great strength of the nobility as they realize that their foes are only interested in today and not what is around the corner as they do not have the financial luxury of planning for the future.  If the citizens rose and demanded subservience, the worms would immediately retreat but that requires leadership and energy.  Three days without food for either camp would change the whole equation.

The future does not bode well for our country as the group we have in charge are same bankers of 1913. They have funded both sides of wars since medieval times thus maintaining their status and post war significance and control for centuries.  These bankers began by toting sums and then realized that by maneuvering their political employees in DC much greater control and therefore profits were available. The consolidation of political power now allowed by Congress creates an international gaming table that is guaranteed by your labor.  The crash of 2008 proved that we would fall for the concept of “too big to fail” with the bailing out of the Bank of America and others from their gambling habit with more taxpayer support of the big financial establishment.  We will continue to fall towards the inevitable conclusion of indentured servitude which has been the political status quo since Rome until the USA was created.

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The other option is a revolt but is rather remote at best.  There are not enough people that are hungry or interested enough to ascertain the logical conclusion of the current swirl in the toilet.  There is no opposing political side as Mitch McConnell and his friends are feeding from the same carcass as the group across the aisle.  Do not expect any changes as we slide down the hill towards total insignificance internationally.  As the group believing in freedom dies off, there will be no salvation from the younger generations as their assertive actions all begin with  “Where is mommy”?

The Madame