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Bullet Points For The Antisemitic, The Washington League, And Pentagon Poltroonery

There is so much to put into a short space. An attempt to capture a philosophical synopsis of a single moment of recent history bottled and mixed with the same brew with an assortment of erstwhile “moments” is a huge challenge to keep within the admonition: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”  

But while the red wave looks weak, there are, apparently, a few weeks before all the votes are counted (or added). So there is time for chit-chat.

You just hope to reveal more than a John Fetterman/Joe Biden debate—which would be as dangerous as a proctology exam by Jeffrey Dahmer. 

The most recent pulse where the “news” dampens “history” is the foundering of the oft-mentioned “red wave.” This foundering should have had a predictability given the modern franchise dance of waltzing ballots or, hail to the mail.  Calling on the ghost of an old Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, the ballot harvesters, etc. have once again made the world “safe for democracy.” Not sure how safe it is in Arizona, Nevada, Chicago, New York, or Harris Co., Texas. But what the hell are a few lives to Democrats? After all, Wilson made the world safe with the sacrifice of a mere 50,000 KIA, give or take. 

Now that the votes are in (giggle) the war crowd along with their hatchet men and franchise movers, Boeing, Raytheon, etc. can really kick some ass and spend some big bucks in Ukraine. By god, we’ll keep them safe if it kills them. 

Also, we can get on with some serious inflation. Juggernaut Joe doesn’t think the current currency bloating is much more than a niggling (no, Joe, that ain’t the “N” word) nuisance. To the magnificent economic mental giant, Joy Reed, maybe the people can’t even spell inflation let alone ever having heard of it, however, having a dollar in your hand in the morning and six bits by sundown without spending a nickel teaches you how to spell political chickens***!  (Oops, there goes my FB freedom).

Probably, the Republicans, often soldiering along with ramrod strong and competent grunts, leading a cast of mostly quality voters, but with leadership that is mostly crap. If it were only crap it would be useful at least to keep the grass green (something people like AOC know nothing about though they worship “green”) although it is mostly as dishonest and deceitful as the Democrats. Start with Mitch McConnell, after which you wipe your shoes off, then work your way up. But it is a long climb from Mitch to competence, let alone honest leadership and the top. The bottom of the political pile is red and blue. The sewer of blue politics is green, swept by sweepers like John Kerry and Al Gore. AOC is their juvenile usherette, a nitwit from Generation Z , i.e, marshmallows and morons.  But the same sewer holds the red rats, being those of the multiple M’s —Mitch, Mitt, and Mzzzz Murkowski (Hallelujah!).

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Meanwhile on a lighter side of life and death. we may have to go back to a draft (women too) since the military is not making its quota.  

After all who would want to serve (I might have gone over the hill) with a Hunter Biden father-figure commander-in-chief who can’t walk up the stairs without falling on his ass, or with slack-hack Defense Secretary Lloyd Austen. And never to serve with underling ahistorical anti-Semitic “teachers” like General Ty Seidule (Seidule recommended destroying the Confederate monument in Arlington Cemetery designed by internationally renowned Jewish Architect, Moses Ezekiel, and the first Jewish officer from VMI) The Arlington Confederate Monument – Abbeville Institute. 

This is the kind of uniformed flotsam onto the shoulders (of responsibility) of whom we now place the officers’ Stars, bars, and leaves. 

True character now in the military rests only on the stripes sewn against the arm muscle of the enlisted men (what’s left of them). 

The officer corps is rot.

Military historian John Keegan would have dastardly chapters to add were he still here to write. And a pretty mess he would have to write about.

A History of Warfare: Keegan, John: 9780679730828: Books

So, the red wave must be coming in the evening tide. 

But wonder from which bunch might come a “prince of tides”? But then you’d have to have read the book. And being a Southerner, like in the book, would help.

Red and Blue. Scalawags and trash. Bye for now.