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Not Just Florida: Another Unreported Red Tsunami?

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Liberty-denying Democrats love their six-month ballot counting cycle because it also can blunt wave elections, as evidenced by what took place in the Old North State.

A recent video from Langley Outdoors Academy tells us of another “red wave” success we didn’t hear about because of all the chaos and mumbling from liberty-denying Democrats counting the votes on their fingers and toes.

Gun Rights won HUGE in this State last night… Constitutional Carry now within REACH!

However, there are signs there was a red wave after all, or at least before all the Stalin-style vote-counting.  Just The News reported as much.

Millions more Americans voted for Republicans than Democrats in House races. So why didn’t the GOP win more seats? …

Polling also found that the economy (particularly inflation) and crime were the top two issues for voters and that voters trusted Republicans more than Democrats to handle each issue.

President Biden’s approval rating was also on average in the low 40s heading into Election Day, while other polling showed about 70%-80% of Americans thought the country was on the wrong track — both strong indicators historically that the party in control of the White House would lose a significant number of seats in the midterms.

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In North Carolina, they did this by (rhetorically) targeting certain districts.  Flipping state Senate and House seats, and winning in 8 of 10 targeted Senate races and 10 of 16 targeted House races, resulted in a supermajority in the state Legislature — with one vote away from a supermajority in the house.

One of those races is still undecided.  The county board of elections still has more than 800 absentee ballots left to count with a margin of victory of 434.

As is the case in Florida, it’s important to study what works in organizing against the radicals.  Grass Roots North Carolina detailed their success, starting with a win for Ted Budd along with a clean sweep of the N.C. Supreme Court and N.C. Court of Appeals races, followed up with previously mentioned N.C. General Assembly races.

Everyone else should take note of the election efforts of GRNC and the GRNC Political Victory Fund in achieving these wins:

  • 1+ million Ted Budd ads delivered to mobile devices via sophisticated “geofencing” apps;1+ million email election alerts sent for NCGA races and judicial races;
  • 150,000 “Remember in November” voter guides, with 120,000 mailed directly to voters;
  • 60,000 GRNC-PVF postcard election alerts into targeted NCGA and judicial races;
  • 98,000 “Peer-to-Peer” text messages in targeted NCGA and congressional races;
  • 20,000 automated telephone alerts into targeted NCGA and judicial races.

All of that wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated tenacity of an all-volunteer organization.  Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina, called on the Republican leadership to acknowledge the gains given them by gun voters by passing an aggressive Second Amendment legislative agenda.

He said in particular that “we are interested in joining the 25 states which have successfully adopted permitless or ‘constitutional carry’ laws, as well as repealing our Jim Crow era pistol purchase permit law and closing the ‘church loophole’ which prohibits lawful North Carolinians from protecting their families in churches which sponsor schools. GRNC’s legislative action team will be highly active in pursuing those objectives.

If we’re going to get through all this chaos, we have to look around and see what works and adopt those techniques.  Now is not the time for halfway measures.