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Nagging Biddies In Government Or Rule By The Homeowners’ Association

Our current DC political system  is quite similar to the Puritan biddies’ Home Owners Association tyrannizing the innocents of your neighborhood. Their philosophy is to control every facet of your life.  It is the curtain that allows incredible corruption in our government.  The Puritan self elect have adopted the same regurgitated system in Congress to control what you do and think by dangling YOUR money in front of YOUR representatives. Congress and biddies rule under the cover of what is obviously “best for all.”  They allow no diversity from their point of view. “You will be assimilated” a la’ Star Trek. Imagine that, no diversity allowed. The Horror! The socialist system has been attempted countless times throughout history and we are still awaiting a successful example for ordinary citizens, however it always works for the elite.

The historical religious elite stretch across time and civilizations. We have Puritans, Lutherans, Mormons, Global Warmists and Shi’ites just to name a few. They all rode out on horses or camels to change the world and slay the beast while failing miserably.  The destruction caused by these early HOA conformist biddies across history is immense while their record of benefit to society is negligible. The only visible result is the number of coins in their own pocket.

 The plan for continued governmental domination of our country requires some level political support from the street  and the easiest foot soldier to motivate is the bored or lonely biddy.  These two types roam unhindered throughout our society.  The HOA type that is avoided and ignored by their captured male of the species is the first and the second is the frustrated younger type that couldn’t get a date in a Turkish prison.

Our governmental structure requires many people out prowling the streets to identify deviants from approved thought or action.  The use of  Global Warming was a particularly brilliant idea.  It is a simple phrase to repeat and allegedly effects everyone  with doom unless appropriate obescience is achieved. Getting attention through self gluing in museums is quite satisfying if you have nothing else in your life. The HOA type biddies are in heaven. They can report people they dislike for violating one of the innumerable petty laws and regulations on the books provided by the socialist state.  Behaviors such as masking, hate speech and personal privacy are quite fun to enforce.

 The Patriarchy of Davos continually purchases and overwhelms the simple minded with various dogma while sending their followers across the civilized world to spread seeds destruction through various chants to undermine local control.  The end product is domination of the West through the old socialist colonial system while gradually assimilating the East to another 600 years of subjugation while filling their own pockets.

The purchased seats in Congress in our recent election will be put to good use covering up the fall of the first crypto billionaire.  The demise of FTX crypto system has brought another uniparty scam to the surface.   Beneficiaries included quite a few DC luminaries such as Senators McConnell and Susan Collins.  This finally exposes the real objections to President Trump.  Whether you agree with him or not it is obvious that the Ukrainian candy jar was endangered and that cannot be allowed to happen to either side of the uniparty, making it necessary to ruin Mr. Trump.  Embezzling cash through the government directly is a new technical wrinkle for an old game.  Billions of untraceable funds are very exciting!

The usual electoral camouflage has again been pulled from the closet and the DC power group is terrified that the FTX financial spigot scandal may be used by the few honest politicians we have against them. The two groups of biddies are easily called out to march on the barricades of society while the breathless owned media fawns about their numbers and bravery while ignoring the financial scandal.  What fun!  It is almost as fun as deciding what you may say or think or whether your garage door was open too long on Tuesday.  

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