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The Fatal Flaw In Our Constitutional Republic

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The founding fathers did not design a system that could withstand what Democrats are now doing to it.

Are there any decent Democrats out there anymore?  Are they sick and tired of what the fascist far left has been doing to this country?  Have they become thoroughly disgusted by the lies, deception, cheating, and gaslighting promulgated by their side in a headlong pursuit of power?

The election two years ago highlighted the fatal flaw in our constitutional republic — a flaw that only has been made worse this time around.  Our system isn’t designed to withstand it if one side loses its moral underpinnings in favor of a lust for power and is willing to do anything to win.

Many tried to ignore the problem back then, but it didn’t help that leftist liberty-deniers jeered about the issue as preparation for using the same tactics in the midterms.

Now it’s happened once again, and the perpetrators have become even more polished in how they’ve manipulated the system they set up for a long past “emergency.”  We can no longer whistle past the graveyard of constitutional republics and pretend that we even have a two-party system.

There are those who argue that we should at least try to compete along the same lines as the illegitimate left, but whom are we kidding?  Leftists have set up the system to their advantage: a drawn-out election season favors those willing to vote for a living.  Activists who falsely think they are “saving the planet” or other such facile nonsense will always outcompete those who are actually useful to society.

Anti-liberty leftists love phrases like “a race to the bottom,” so let’s look at the end of the slippery slope.

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If we give in to the insanity of mail-in voting (almost nonexistent everywhere else — go figure), they’ll demand internet voting, making mail-in voting seem like Fort Knox by comparison, or they’ll figure out something even worse (no, we’re not going to give them any ideas).

The problem is that this is just a symptom of a far worse disease.

To paraphrase the old saying from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, “we pretend to vote, and they pretend to listen to us.”

This is a case of the nation’s socialist government growing so out of control that it’s figured out how to ignore the will of the people almost completely.  We already have a bureaucratic behemoth consisting of the triad of an entrenched administrative state, the “Democratic” party, and national propaganda media that would have had Goebbels green with envy.

They used to at least give us a say occasionally, and that’s dangerously diminished over the years, but now the illegitimate election tactics of the liberty-denying Democrats are threatening to remove even that.

The problem is that this highlights a severe flaw in our system, one that can no longer be ignored.

The founding fathers based our constitutional republic on the premise that the people in general would be of good moral character.  They knew there would be small pockets of criminality here and there.  Nevertheless, they set the government on a foundation of Judeo-Christian law

The system they set up is based on following certain basic rules that have served mankind for centuries.  That was the bedrock on which they built the foundation for our Republic.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights depend on everyone following those rules to keep all the states in the union.  We all abide by the same rules, and that binds us together.

Thus, when a major political party has some states blithely flout those basic rules, it can cause irreparable harm to the unity among the various states.  The system isn’t set up to deal with a situation like that.  The justice system will be reluctant to make decisions in cases like this, and said political party knows this.  Then there is the fact that there is little time for adjudication in these matters.  So the party that plays games with the system is likely to win.  Even worse, its attaining more control gives it even more possibilities for fraud in the next election, in a vicious cycle of corruption.

Each time the bad actors do this, they can entrench their method of “winning” elections while shutting out those who only want free and fair elections so the people can rule themselves, instead of having a faux democracy of a fascist far-left ruling class dictate policy.

While the party of projection has been incessantly complaining about stolen elections for twenty years, they have nothing to account for themselves except screeching nonsensical pejoratives that only divide the country.  Most people consider this to be a major issue, no matter how much they try to downplay it.

We cannot continue the current path.  We keep on verging toward one-party rule, and the party of projection has made it clear that they are out to destroy democracy, along with several other disturbing assertions.  You only have to listen to their incessant accusations against the pro-freedom right to get their message loud and clear.

The election chaos highlights a severe flaw in our system.  If the illegitimate left can get away with ignoring the will of the voters, we no longer have a constitutional republic.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.   Find him on Substack.