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Changing The National Government And Regaining Freedom By Voting Is Impossible

Change has little to do with vote counting but has a lot to do with the lack of personal quality of the candidates themselves. Reading the political articles is an interesting repetition of the same bland answers to a problem that has existed since the dawn of government.  We have a corrupt group ruling over us. Whether they are an actual monarchical nobility system or the party representative for the village, they are all the same. Your taxes are the initial subsidy of their lifestyle and corruption of various types is the icing on the cake. 

Do you really expect the political vomitus to be loyal to you instead of the people with the gold coins down the hall?  The whole social structure in DC is different from a normal city or town in the country.  The first few months of the new representatives’ on the job training means learning this structure completely.  He will have a tutor known as a party whip guiding him throughout the new maze.  There will be willing women supplied along with all types of intoxicants  leading to opportunities to meet with the big time lobbyists. Thereafter FTX and others make a very easy seduction into the dark side.

Libertarians have shown that small government politicians do not get elected. Good people do not get voted into government.  They lead full time lives, and are not parasites on society. There are a few good people elected but they do not stick.  Anyone who takes politics as a full time job is not trustworthy.  The people that are career politicians are there for a reason.  They have no other place to go.  Many are second rate lawyers who were nerds in school because they had no skills with which to assimilate into the in crowd.  There only intellectual accomplishment was in learning to be semi-literate.

A career in politics gives them a new in crowd in which to be accepted.  The abuse from opponents is to be expected and is at any rate a normal occurrence for these people.  There are millions that fill government positions and elective office and personally profit on insider information.  The big money comes from the rotation with the variation of administrations.  The big wigs are taken in by large corporations to help enhance the cash flows. They are then recycled for further use by the lobbyists.

This is the biggest reason why President Trump is hated so vehemently.  The job and therefore influence merry-go- round have been brought into focus.  It also means that the blackmailing that occurs continually is derailed as Trump has no apparent weaknesses to exploit.  After eight years they would have been found.  The fictional accounts are amusing though.  Compared to drunk Hillary or diaper Bribe’ em he is a saint.

The system is so entrenched that using constitutional methods to get back on track is impossible.  The simple people who cry “convention of the states” are quite deluded sadly.  They mean well but it would be a huge failure.  The reason is that the question of delegates to the convention is never mentioned.  Who would choose your states’ delegates?  Your governor? Legislature? Mail in vote?  Current congressmen?  Obviously these options are hopelessly compromised and would therefore achieve nothing in a convention except as camouflage.

The only way to kill a government non violently is to cut off its’ funds.  That can be accomplished by nullification or secession.  Nullification is in effect now in over 1,000 jurisdictions regarding illegal aliens. Mr. Trump tried cutting off funds for the offenders.  It is of course ignored by congress and has been declared illegal by a California court.

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That only leaves secession or The Blade.

The Madame