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Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts may have fallen on difficult times over the last few decades as PC became dogma, the Cancel Culture was born and Woke waves swept over everything. Scandal-hungry media and several adult troop leaders sporting their Bad Apple merit badges put the indelible stain of the psychologically bent on the otherwise admirable qualities of legendary Boy Scout training.

Regardless – The motto “Be Prepared” remains above all that.

But over the years, “Be Prepared” has grown to be more than just good advice when going for a merit badge or before a job interview or a hot first date; it is succinct guidance for any task in any venue. Today, “Be Prepared” has become as much of a warning cry as Paul Revere’s legendary “The British are coming!” We’ve gone from “These are the times that try men’s souls” to  “The Great Re-Set“, “Reset the Table“, the plans and blueprints for the manipulation and control of entire civilizations. Economic and monetary systems, farming, food production and consumption, medical services, health care, marriage, children, careers – every single aspect of our lives is to be re-ordered under the direction of Klaus Schwab’s  World Economic Forum (WEF)Rockefeller Foundation  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all their pals in cooperating governments around the world.

“Whether we know it or not, we are at war. And, whether we know it or not, that war is a battle between the overwhelming majority of the human population and the few at the top who seek to control (and simultaneously reduce) that population. The battle lines may not always be so clear—there are many unwitting dupes who act to shore up the systems of technocratic control without knowing what they are doing. And there are those who still believe in the core lies of the globalists—the climate change hoax, for example—and thereby unknowingly play into their 2030 Agenda.” – James Corbett, The Corbett Report

Conceptually, realistically, and pragmatically, the idea easily boggles the mind of most people. Even those who consider themselves better informed on worldly matters and current events are likely not familiar with what these multi-billionaire megalomaniacs are planning for you, your family, and your world. And, indeed, it is a plan already underway. Of course, to fully appreciate that reality, one must ‘be prepared’; research is required. Noted recently in the Corbett Report

“We need to be clear about something here: this is no idle threat. If the eugenicists pulling the strings of global affairs get their way, they will release their attack dogs—the bought-and-paid-for minions in the UN bureaucracy and the WEF and the political misleaders in virtually every country—to fulfill this agenda.

“That agenda involves shutting down the productive economy (in the name of saving Mother Earth) and reducing the global population in the process. That the population would eventually fight back against this economic assault is no surprise; hence the creation of the homeland security state and the biosecurity state over the course of the past two decades. We are now at the point where any protest can be deemed “insurrection” by “domestic terrorists” and can justify all manner of punishment, including locking people out of the financial system altogether.”

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Sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? But just researching the origin and purpose of that term is as much an indictment as a revelation. If this is all new news to you, make it your goal to do your own homework, your own research.. Look for what’s hidden in plain sight.

 The dramatic downward turn our society, economy, and way of life has taken since the sudden “surprise” appearance and devastating consequences of the Covid “pandemic” – more a result government power grabs and media hysteria than some mild virus – inflicted serious damage mostly to middle-class families and small businesses now having to also deal with the corrosive effects of government induced inflation. Add to that, stories now surfacing past social media censors and MSM collusion about the effects of the mandated so-called vaccines. Supply chain issues, draughts, inexplicable devastating fires at food processing plants, massive illegal immigration, shortages of everything from baby formula to crop fertilizer, profligate spending by unrestrained, incompetent government – many of these are not accidents or system failures. They just a warm-up for the dystopian Orwellian future designed, enacted and administered by the Elite psychopaths heading the organizations mentioned earlier.

Have you seen what’s happening in Holland? Holland!!?? Probably not – the corporate news organizations have studiously avoided any mention of the farmer’s dramatic government protests. Look here…and Look hereAnd here. 

And it’s spreading – as the governments of other countries begin implementing the same WEF laws and its 2030 agenda. Think it won’t happen here? Take a look at Canada.

Jim Corbett writes “There can be no doubt at this point: with their carbon taxes and restrictions on farming, the would-be world controllers are deliberately crashing the world economy. The flames of protest are merely the perfectly predictable result of this controlled demolition.

And as bad as all that is, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. . . .” CorbettReport

Read. Study. Learn. Holland, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain – the ‘flames” are everywhere – except on your favorite Evening Newscast.

It’s late.

Be Prepared.

2 thoughts on “Be Prepared”

  1. The fact is Paul Revere never completed his ride a la Longfellow; he was captured and detained. Absent any ear-witness accounts, it is just as likely those that did: Samuel Prescott, Israel Bissell, William Dawes, and Sybil Ludington shouted “The Red Sox are coming”. Regardless of history, poetry or conjecture, enough citizens got the message.

  2. Paul Revere most likely shouted that the redcoats are coming. At the time, we were British subjects. Why would he alarm the country side that we were coming?

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