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For The Children – Again

Whenever possible, Democrats, the MSM and their liberal sycophants trot out the old “…for the children” trope. Usually, it’s right after a shooting where the body count can justify national wailing and outrage, decrying “gun violence” as the societal scourge of youngsters. Ignored is the first step in eliminating “gun violence” and the beginning of rational, constructive discussion which could be quickly accomplished as pointed out here.

Almost invisibly, however, murdering children has taken a back seat to mutilating them. Maybe ‘back seat’ is too gentle; the trunk, locked, out of sight and mind, would be more appropriate for the way licensed doctors, medical “experts” and notorious medical facilities have elevated, even encouraged, this gruesome new ‘practice’.

The assumption here is that the diligent Reader is aware of these stories that have burst onto a very select (.e. ‘small’) stage, diligently ignored by virtually all but one news outlet. If your attention has been focused on the cornucopia of more mundane ‘other crimes and scandals’, from the recent theft of the mid-term elections to the daily obscenities spewing from the Biden administration, it would be edifying to spend a few minutes here. For a certainty, you will be shocked and disgusted by what you’ll learn.

While the rest of the class is catching up, we would do well to seriously consider how something this grotesque, immoral, insane and tragic could be so casually wafting through the country without a decibel of outrage, lawsuits and most importantly: major media news coverage. Watching and listening to  university and hospital lusus naturae smirking while telling of their repulsive deeds and vast sums of  money being generated for their institutions as their doctors carve off the breasts of  young girls and young boys have their genitals surgically removed, in the obscene name of ‘sex reassignment surgery’ or SRS is impossible to describe. Tucker Carlson reported, these procedures are being performed today.

Imagine: your pre-teen child declaring ambiguity over his/her gender – then demanding this macabre operation? What kind of parents enthusiastically consent to the “wish” of a youngster too young to drive, drink, vote or legally drop out of school but permanently alter their body for some trendy notion he or she would prefer, to be a him or her. Can you imagine yourself agreeing to that? Can you be comfortable entrusting your child to a medical professional or admit them to a medical institution actively participating in such heinous acts? 

Only a few years ago, American parents were horrified learning of the Islamic practice of cliterectomy or “genital mutilation”. Strenuous attempts were made – and continue to be – rationalizing, denying, and disapproving but still practicing it up to this day, even in America where such ‘treatment’ is considered mutilation.

After nationwide revulsion, how did American parents come to embrace the same abhorrent practice they despised 10 years ago? How did sex reassignment surgery’ (SRS) become so casually integrated into public schools all the way down to Kindergarten levels? Where are the teachers who so righteously proclaimed their love, loyalty and concern ‘for the children’? Where are the baby-kissing politicians calling out for investigations to cease funding to institutions that promote SRS? Finally, where are the parents? How long and how loudly would you demonstrate to demand an end to such a vile practice?

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Brian Wilson, nationally known talk show host, author and unindicted co-contributor to The Blue State Conservative can be heard on his weekly Now For Something Completely Different podcast. His books and other scribblings can be found at Brian With little hope of a reply, hHe can be reached at