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Do No Harm? Much Harm, Less Good With M.D.s That Medical Schools Deliver Now

Coincidences multiply around worthy subject matter more it seems than around trivia (like the government in Washington, as one example of conformist comedic clowns, i.e. trivial nesters).

But more important (can’t think of anything that isn’t) than the bureaucrats and their inept production of limitless undermining laws, taxpayer money confiscation, sexual deviancy, and drag queen dolly devotion for children, is the course now taken regarding M.D.s that are turned loose on American society.  

Coincidences? A recent article by Daniel Greenfield  (Front Page 11-22-22) jumped out as I had written an opinion piece less than 3 months ago (The Blue State Conservative 8-5-22) covering similar thoughts on a complementary subject. I agreed thoroughly with Greenfield’s article. I was beginning to think I was the only one who had noticed. Twenty-five years ago, I was warned of this very subject myself by an exceptional M.D. here in Houston.

The medical “community” (everything these days is its own “community” it seems) has become a gateway, mostly via academia and its Washington pimp, for the colloquial description of useless and dangerous physicians to be labeled “quacks”.

It is fast becoming the sounds of a flock of Mallards and Wood Ducks gliding onto the lake in the fall. And the population of the flock has been increasing rapidly.

Many medical graduates (too many), in my opinion, are beyond talentless. They are simply damned useless. The so-called “affirmative action” authority has turned medicine into a collection of some of the feeblest minds since Charles Manson and his idiot girlfriends.

And speaking for many conservatives (perhaps many, many) out there– though very few progressives, liberals, Democrats, and democrats–the AMA is as honorable as a Joe Biden press briefing.

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Once a proud profession, now an affirmative (actually negative) action political poison, the M.D. merchants turned out to be dangerously unqualified minions of whatever pollical persuasion orders them to “do as much harm” politically to the other side as they can, and try not to impair the patient in the process. Again, comparable to the press briefing analogy, fools doing what they do—foolishness!

Interestingly enough, the Kevorkian brand and the Fauci brand are different only in that one is sociopathic, the other a puerile scientist of the “modern” faux pas academia crowd (overcrowded?). But they are both like ducks quacking on the same pond. One a Mallard, one a Wood duck.

Anyone who suggests mask-wearing as a protector of germs from the air has skipped some basic physics in high school, let alone college. These geniuses probably would okay a catcher’s mask as acceptable.

No, academia is not actually removed from the government. The two are as cohabitating a couple doing harm to people as both Houses of Congress are doing (we should cease with this Houses of Congress moniker and refer to them as Toilets of Congress.) are; though I like my previous pimp/whore analog. 

A fellow by the name of Hippocrates gave birth to the modern role of our health-care soldiers of humanity and ultimately was viewed as the father of medicine—honorable, thoughtful, intelligent medicine.

Juan Carlos Finlay, Walter Reed, John Kearsly Mitchell, Joseph Lister, Alexander Fleming, Jonas Salk, Tom Dooley, Red Duke, and Denton Cooley.

History rolls out a list of some of the most “do no harm” and “do a lot of good” physicians deserving of the grandest praise. Only a shortlist drawn here but surely each turns in his grave at the vision of the affirmative action monsters prowling today’s wards, wings, and clinics.

For you mask morons and your topical tortured “doctored” opinionated cowardice, read–for those of you who can. What the world had once born into it out of dedicated scholarly medical men and minds were doctors of heroic historical acclaim. 

Behind them of no great historical acclaim but of sound medical practice (and honor) were those physicians who doctored with art and science and “bedside manner.” These were the scientific and commonsensical men who honored their profession with the first line of the honorifically time-renowned introduction to The Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm.”

These were doctors, sworn by The Oath of Hippocrates. They may have been paid in chickens or services or a little at a time or not at all. But they were doctors. NOT the human product medical schools and their affirmative action dumpster spill out today.

With a government in Washington promoting dishonorable sponsorships such as affirmative action, what can you expect? 

What you cannot expect are honorable physicians.

What you cannot expect is “do no harm.” 

And, as far-from-the-subject, as one might think—you cannot expect fair elections. Even Ida Tarbell might agree with this.

So, regardless of your political bent. Put on your mask, and shut up. You have no choice. Washington and its “affirmative action doctors” are in charge.

Sick means well. Rejection means care.  Orwell meant… oh well.

“When the businessman who fights to secure special privileges, to crowd his competitor off the track by other than fair competitive methods, receives the same summary disdainful ostracism by his fellows that the doctor or lawyer who is ‘unprofessional,’ the athlete who abuses the rules, receives, we shall have gone a long way toward making commerce a fit pursuit for our young men.”

Ida Tarbell

Daniel Greenfield, Author at Frontpage Mag

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