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It’s Obvious Why MAGA Candidates Had To Lose

Judging history by todays’ standards creates a difficult problem to overcome.  Fortunately the content of socialism never changes and opposition to it is unfortunately always marginal until too late, which allows for accurate comparisons. Today we have a government culture that is coercing us on virtually every decision we will make, even those in our own homes. This type of insertion of government into our affairs was unheard of 100 years ago.  Now we can easily examine a century of government failures that have led to our own descent into moral and financial poverty.

As always any government social intervention begins with a phrase that is easily repeated and sounds both reasonable and innocuous.  The beginning of our slide began with Teddy Roosevelt coining the term  “Square Deal.”  It included the three Cs’ which were, Control of Corporations, Conservation of Natural resources and Consumer Protection.  Those sound great of course!  What could go wrong?  Thus the social welfare state was initiated and continues its’ malignant growth to this day, 120 years later.

At the turn of the twentieth century, 65% of Federal revenue originated from a liquor tax.  The anti-saloon league was the dominant force in politics. The ladies were demonstrating for the vote as well as prohibition.  Their husbands drank their weekly pay in one night and left their families hungry for a week so something had to be done screech-screech.  Prohibition passed and created a new criminal class consisting of the majority of Americans.  This was our initial social program and it miserably failed, and is sadly not unique as every other program spawned behind has shown.  The next socialist program that works as advertised will be the first.

Well, prohibition did create the need for a new tax to cover the lost revenue from alcohol.  How about an income tax? It would only tax the rich a few percent.  Another grand idea!  Ouch!  What could be worse?  The Federal Reserve Bank of course. It has been the worst program ever dreamed up by the world banking set in its’ effects on our people. It took control of our money from the citizens through government and presented it to Wall Street.  It arrived like most of the programs because Woody Wilson could not keep his holier than thou zipper up.  His blackmail by the banks created  problems that cannot be eliminated by anything less than a revolution. All political power revolves around money and now DC and all of their honesty had total control. The amendments and laws created a new and unrecognizable country.  We were now an industrialized behemoth as yet unrecognized on the world stage, certainly a long distance from the agricultural republican society created in Philadelphia 125 years before and waiting to be plucked.

The first step to our world domination and our ruin as a free republic was again created by Woody and his bank connection.  Loans by US banks made to support the British in WW1 were on the verge of default. Great Britain had no money left to continue their flailing on the continent.  That could not be allowed by Wall Street so Wilson had to cloak the bailout and pushing us into the war as making the world “safe for democracy”.  It is a predecessor of “ 2 weeks” shutdown to save the world of today from a flu bug.  There have been hundreds of others.

This was the beginning of a century of wars that destroyed our constitutional republic and western civilization.  The pieces were in place to eliminate the need for citizen inputs for laws and policies.  All that is required is a thin curtain claiming to “help the people” and the money is printed thereby indenturing us further while enriching the very few.

We have now reached the point that our vote is an entirely superfluous activity.  The cities have always been filled with criminals, legal and otherwise. The system of graft thru purchase and vote fraud has spread to allow the continuance of political corruption. The direct purchase of the worldwide political and financial groups was first exposed in the Panama Papers six years ago but has largely been forgotten much to the benefit of the WEF. 

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The socialist excuses for their failing religion are wearing a bit thin so a new script is necessary. As we have seen socialism is an excellent  method of embezzling money from the citizens while appearing to care about the great unwashed. Under the table money is always the answer. Now we have proof of payments recirculating from our foreign aid through FTX to our big city political machines and DC insiders. What will happen to Fried and the senators unmasked in this fraud?  The silence is deafening.  

 Now we know why there was such a push to “save Ukraine.”  The monies allegedly flowed through the state department and senatorial fingers during the 2014 Maiden uprisings with the help of senatorial cheerleading. These investments allow the policies of kickbacks a greater lifespan.  It is now obvious to all why President Trump had to go by any means, even allowing the Chinese to operate the voting systems in several states.  The tap had to be kept open and since he is not a candidate for financial skulduggery, he had to go.

 If we had never listened to our financial/political classes concerning save the world, we would be wealthy and secure while millions of Europeans and other peoples would still be alive.  We have not saved western civilization from tyranny, we have only reoriented its’ focus while sinking ourselves into the same pit towards global rule of the WEF that uses our sweat to finance their oligarchical megalomania.

The Madame