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The Laundromat

I had a terrific history teacher my senior year in high school. When discussing the scandal that took down President Richard Nixon, in regard to dirty little deeds some of Nixon’s underlings were committing, Mr. Pegg had this to say:

“Nixon either knew about it or he didn’t. And neither one is acceptable.”

It is a profound statement. Either he knew about it and condoned it, or the inmates were running the asylum under his watch.

We see this conundrum over and over, recently with FTX. Every single person in a position to recognize and prevent the massive criminal enterprise of FTX was compromised. Bought, conned, ignorant; take your pick. They either knew or they didn’t and neither is acceptable.

Will these people who failed miserably at their job resign from the committees in charge of oversight? Higher ups in the SEC, CFTC and members of congress were influenced. Will they give back the stolen money they received? Do their constituents approve of their performance, or even know about it? It should be a career ending event for them. They cannot be trusted; they failed in breathtaking fashion and the carnage is everywhere for all to see.

I hear this talk about some gallant recipients of the stolen money saying they are going to give the dough to charity. Let me get this straight. You either knowingly or unknowingly took stolen loot and instead of returning it to the victims you want to be effectively altruistic by playing Robin Hood (and take a little write-off for yourself). Despicable. 

My wife and I have been saying since the start of Biden’s involvement in the Ukraine war, that it is one giant money laundering operation for the Democrats. With no accountability whatsoever for billions of dollars going to arguably THE most corrupt country on the planet (they leapfrogged to the top in my opinion, with us closing fast), and then much of that money going to THE most corrupt business on the planet, we all now know it is true. FTX is one washing machine; you can bet there is a whole commercial laundromat at work.

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And why the Hell not? Success breeds success. Now we hear about Tether operating under the same type of lax supervision by the same bought and paid for government guard dogs. Read about it at Revolver News. How many ponzi schemes and other washing machines are at work, stealing people’s money worldwide to fund covert operations and compromised politicians? 

Allow me to pile it on. We really don’t have the money we have been pouring into this massive Laundromat that they steal the quarters from. All of this money is borrowed. So, count among the FTX creditors who will never see a dime repaid, the future taxpayers of this country. The utter contempt that Maxine Watters displayed when asked if the stolen money should be returned says it all. We took it, we ain’t giving it back, and you all can go to Hell.

Nixon became known as Tricky Dick, even though he was the one tricked. FTX pulled a much worse trick that somehow benefited a lot of Democrats and RINOs.

They either knew or they didn’t but somehow that’s acceptable.