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Will the Democrats/Uni-Party Finalize Their Control Or Will The Voting Fraud And FTX Scandals End Their Schemes?

Our country may be nearing the conclusion of the most dangerous game of political “chicken” in history.

We have just experienced the second great election steal in two years. Will the Uni-Party of Democrats and RINOs succeed in evaporating the Red Wave?

RINO politicians and media are complaining that the conservatives were too lazy to vote in November, but Republicans, Independents and even Democrats turned out in such huge numbers that the cheating had to be so blatant that it is now impossible to overlook. The “big four” shows on FOX, normally famous for exposing Democrat stupidity and corruption, could have focused on the fraud in a different city or state for each segment since the election, but instead have prattled on about every shiny object EXCEPT 2022 fraud.

Will corrupt legislators, governors and politicians succeed in quashing the protests and legal challenges?

We are seeing a very disturbing trend where corrupt governments are using the tool of freezing bank accounts in order to punish protests. Canada did this with their truckers’ strike, Brazil is freezing assets of businessmen who supported protesters of their recent election which seems to have been stolen. Will protesters in the United States have their bank accounts seized?

But all is not lost. A series of developments is providing hope that the entire web of deceit, manipulation and corruption may soon be unraveled. People all over the world are figuring out what is going on with tainted elections and are protesting. 

In Brazil, fraud using the exact same techniques, including unsecured voting machines, has been discovered in their recent presidential election, where the socialist candidate, who had been charged with illegalities, was exonerated by Brazil’s corrupt Supreme Court and allowed to run for office. There have been massive protests and strikes throughout the country.

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In Mexico, hundreds of thousands protested far-left President López Obrador’s plan to eliminate Voter ID and remove election safeguards.

The news about the fraud in the November 8th elections continues to leak out on a few fearless websites including video evidence on and Thousands have reported voting irregularities that have yielded results that are mathematically impossible without rampant cheating. Democrats themselves have stated repeatedly that our voting machines are easily hacked and manipulated. 

The wheels on the bus may be coming off – four Arizona counties delayed their election certifications, which means Arizona can’t certify the election until their issues are resolved and voting machines are inspected.

Duffle bags of uncounted votes were removed in Arizona. Governor candidate Kari Lake has shared videos of the fraud and promises to fight for voting justice. Arizona Attorney General nominee Abe Hamadeh just filed a lawsuit contesting the rigged election in Arizona.

In Pennsylvania’s Delaware County, election “officials took a detour on election night with the county’s ballots and v-drives into a closed building for six hours.  Poll watchers were prevented from entering the building at the time.” Legal complaints have been filed.

In California, the non-partisan Election Integrity Project has been granted “standing” to file their lawsuit alleging that years of election law changes in the state have led to voter disenfranchisement. 

But the tilting of the scales against conservative candidates isn’t limited to just the Democrats. The RNC is accused of distributing a flawed database to volunteers in Wisconsin and other states with information that was so out of date it was worse than useless.

The GOP Senate and Congressional campaign committees are supposed to remain strictly neutral in primaries, but Anthony Sabatini writes in “Chronicles,” “To the surprise of few, it was recently revealed that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spent a considerable portion of his $180 million war chest to help establishment Republicans defeat America First candidates in the GOP primary elections.”

When his candidates lost, McConnell withheld funding for the winners. 

Kevin McCarthy, the supposed new Speaker of the House of Representatives, is speaking very strongly for sorts of conservative issues, but Sabatini continues, “According to The Washington Postthe political machine around McCarthy directed millions to be spent against Republican candidates in GOP primaries associated with the America First movement.”

It is possible that the true conservative Republicans in the House will refuse to elect him as Speaker in January, and insist on a different candidate, perhaps one that will begin serious investigations into 2022 and even 2020 voter fraud.

But the most damning issue that may challenge the plans of the Uni-Party to eliminate our freedoms and turn the United States over to the Globalists and Red Chinese, is the scandal involving the crypto-currency FTX. This is turning out to be a gigantic scheme to defraud investors into buying shares of a practically non-existent company that seems to be laundering money donated to support the Ukraine war effort and sending it to manipulate U.S. elections.

Details are emerging that the weird founder of FTX, a guy named Sam Bankman-Fried, used the money he collected for whatever he wanted. Just before declaring bankruptcy to the amount of $3.7 billion, he is reported to have taken out a loan for $1 billion. $300,000 seems to have been donated to the very Congressional committee members who were investigating him. And now the list of debtors in the bankruptcy has been hidden.

Political Moonshine, an open-sourced investigative website, reported extensively on the complex relationship between billions of U.S. tax dollars, Ukraine, FTX, Biden and the Democrats, and RINO Republicans.

They claim “Tens of billions of U.S. dollars have been funneled to Ukraine, laundered through FTX, and the laundered money now in the form of FTX cryptocurrency was funneled back to Democrats and the Bidens… FTX gave at least $40 million to Democrats in advance of the 2022 midterms and funded congressional campaigns for members overseeing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC),” which was investigating FTX.

Bankman-Fried was the #2 donor to the Democratic party.

The money laundering circle was: Democrats vote to send funds to Ukraine, Ukraine invests in FTX, FTX cryptocurrency was funneled back to the same Democrats

To tie everything together, it appears that Kevin McCarthy used money from FTX to take out MAGA candidates, including Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina. 

And now we are hearing that Tether, a “stablecoin,” is in just as bad shape as FTX was, and is tied closely to FTX, “US government-backed rebels in Myanmar, along with al-Qaeda-affiliated Sunni rebel groups of Syria, drug cartels, which, according to some journalists, are deeply intertwined with U.S. three-letter agencies, including the CIA.” has reported extensively on the whole confusing mess.

If any of this is true, our leaders and institutions may be more corrupt than we can imagine. A cabal of Globalists, Communist Chinese, and drug cartels may be manipulating our elections and suppressing the evidence of fraud in order to weaken the United States where we will be completely controlled without our people knowing it, at which point they will be so thoroughly entrenched that nothing can stop it.

Which side will win this game of “chicken?” The cabal, with their money, power and deceptions, or a few brave patriots willing to risk everything to expose the corruption and restore fairness to our elections? 

By Jack Gleason.

Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer. Comments can be sent to