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The Next Time Someone Accuses You Of Vaccine Misinformation, Give Them A Dose Of This Medicine

Plenty has been said about the EUA Vaccine* document disclosures the CDC, FDA, and Pfizerwere forced to make against their will. But not enough. The Vaccine extremists are still shouting about “misinformation.” To their credit, there was a lot of that, but it was mostly on their side.

The latest revelation to be ignored by the “Jab ’em or Bust” coalition comes from Aaron Siri. “[A]fter multiple legal demands, appeals, and two federal lawsuits, the CDC finally capitulated and agreed to a court-ordered schedule compelling it to produce the data.”

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) took the firehose of information and broke it all down. But the data comes with a story.

V-safe’s data shows that 7.7% of its approximate 10 million users reported having to receive medical care after receipt of a Covid-19 vaccine, and over 70% of those users sought outpatient/urgent clinical care, emergency room care, and/or were hospitalized.

V-Safe is the app for people who got The Jab. Its purpose was side-effect surveillance, and 10 million Vaxx recipients used it. Aaron explains how the application works here. V-Safe only allowed the user to select from a pre-determined list of known side effects. There were text fields, but those are cumbersome mechanisms, and none of that data has been released. ICAN is still fighting to get it. So we’ve got a CDC surveillance app and 10 million Jabbed app users, so what’s the problem?

First, let’s remind ourselves what was known about potential adverse events before any Covid-19 vaccine was administered to the general public:

  • A July 2020 New England Journal of Medicine study titled “An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-Cov-2 – Preliminary Report” highlighted 35 adverse events that were related to the mRNA vaccination, including eye disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, and nervous system disorders.
  • An October 16, 2020 JAMA article titled “Postapproval Vaccine Safety Surveillance for COVID-19 Vaccines in the US” stated that “AESIs [Adverse Events of Special Interest] are likely to include allergic, inflammatory, and immune-mediated reactions, such as anaphylaxis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, transverse myelitis, myocarditis/pericarditis, vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.”
  • In a CDC presentation dated October 30, 2020, titled “CDC post-authorization/post-licensure safety monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines,” a preliminary “list of VSD pre-specified outcomes for RCA [rapid cycle analysis]” and “list of VAERS AEs[ adverse events] of special interest” both included acute myocardial infarction, anaphylaxis, convulsions/seizures, encephalitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, immune thrombocytopenia, MIS-C, myocarditis/pericarditis, and transverse myelitis, among others.

Again, the fact that mRNA can cause these serious conditions was raised before the first Covid-19 vaccine was authorized for use by the general public in December 2020 – in fact, months before.

None of these conditions are listed as checkbox options for app users to select during their reporting, which issued a prompt for updates “…every day for a week after a shot. Users are then prompted to submit a “check-in” every week for six weeks. And then at six months and one year after the shot.”

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These human test subjects were asked about things like chills, fever, headache, joint pain, body aches, vomiting, abdominal pain, or rash, but not chest pain, seizures, eye or nervous system disorders … and that’s a big deal.

A wide array of known, much more severe side effects was deliberately excluded from the CDC surveillance tool.

More from Aaron.

The CDC could have taken advantage of this incredible opportunity – wherein v-safe was already capturing health data from over 10 million users – and easily included these conditions as check-the-box options for v-safe users.  Then it would be easy to calculate a rate for which v-safe users had myocarditis.  Had a stroke.  Had seizures.  Etc.  Instead, the CDC purposely chose to limit reporting of any such adverse events to the free text fields knowing full well that, among other issues, users often do not fill out free-text fields, that any entries received would not be easily standardized, and that the CDC could otherwise more easily hide those entries from the public (as the CDC is currently doing by refusing to make the free-text field data public).

The Public Health industrial complex promoted the injections as safe and effective. It created a devotional structure of zealots under which any health professional who dared to ask questions about what they were seeing from patients (compared to the approved revered text) might be excommunicated. And this was then peddled as science and anyone who challenged it was labeled a denier.

And it’s all tip of the iceberg stuff. According to the CDC’s V-Safe data, 7.7% of the 10 million vaccinated* app users needed medical care, and 25% experienced side effects that caused them to miss school or work. But that’s just a sliver of the total number of vaccinated.

Two hundred sixty-nine million Americans were injected with at least one dose.

The CDC, FDA, Pfizer, and Moderna had evidence of severe risks before the Emergency Use Authorization was approved. They knew and didn’t say.

Given a chance to verify or update the known pre-authorization side effects, the CDC decided against it.

It raises serious questions regarding the supposed (legal) immunity protections for EUAs and advocates of the COVID-19 vaccines*  with fully informed consent. People lined up or were strong-armed into getting Jabbed without complete and accurate information before, during, or after the injection. Schools, employers, and venues wanted proof of vaccination*. Parents let the system inject it into their kids.

Any harm resulting from their disinformation campaign should open them to legal action, though I doubt we’ll see that. But the next time someone accuses you of vaccine misinformation, give them a dose of this medicine.

Originally published at Granite Grok.