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To Hell With The Marine; Another Bad Deal Made By Biden

Joe Biden, our all amerikkan traitor-in-chief and general foul-up, is holding true to his nature, as he recently made the worst deal on a prisoner swap ever on December 8th 2022, aside from Obama’s deal that swapped Bowe Bergdahl for four top Taliban jihadi terrorists, who now run Afghanistan’s government. Seeing the public relations fantasy dance through his head and hoping to get a “win” that would deflect from all his administration’s miserable failures, from the economy to the border and more, Biden ordered Viktor Bout, a miserable, death-dealing arms merchant who has left thousands of dead in his wake, handed over to President Putin of Russia in exchange for Brittney Griner, a black, lesbian, anti-American, anti-God, anti-family, pot-headed basketball player, who has turned her back on America more than once, rather than use the full weight of the U.S. resources to secure the release of Paul Whelan, a Marine Veteran and a heterosexual male, who has spent the past four years in a Russian prison on false charges of espionage.
Yes. The PR optics heavily favored Griner over Whelan.
Yes. Going to our southern border wouldn’t be near as satisfying for Biden and his Open Borders communist apparatchiks who would have to answer some really tough questions there, in the face of an all out invasion of Illegal Aliens carrying every dangerous item one cares to name, from drugs to firearms, and who knows what else. As Joe noted, last week, “There are more important things going on”, like his opportunity to preen before the world like the pretentious do-nothing ass he is, while brags about saving Brittney from overblown charges related to CBD oil [marijuana], our economy and the world, shouting out “I did this” in one of his usual fits of shameful arrogance.
On December 8th 2022, Representative Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) observed:
“If [Joe Biden] is going to release a guy convicted of providing aid to a terrorist organization [and] conspiring to kill American citizens, he should have at least gotten BOTH Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan in return.
A U.S. Marine is left behind in another bad deal made by Biden.”
All one is left to imagine is that the Biden regime really does want America’s enemies to win.
Initially, Biden’s negotiators sought to get both Griner and Whelan back in exchange for Bout, but Putin’s counter offer was only Griner in exchange for both Bout and Vadim Krasikov, an assassin who is still serving a life sentence in Germany. Krasilov was Putin’s main focus, because he is a top Russian asset and a former colonel in Russia’s intelligence service FSB [Russia’s counter to the CIA], with an abundance of key Russian intelligence locked inside his head, intelligence that Putin fears some of which he’s already provided to Germany’s government.
If it was truly a case of “our choice was Brittney or no one at all”, as stated by Karine Jean-Pierre in a recent press briefing, for my money, any administration with any backbone and love for America would have chosen to walk away from a terrible deal that played into Putin’s hands and gave him back a man — an asset known as “the Merchant of Death” with a river of blood on his hands — who is sure to now aid in helping Russia secure the best armaments for his war against the Ukrainians. Getting Brittney Griner back was worse than getting no one back, since one can full well expect to see her go right back to her anti-American activism on the basketball court after the shock of her experience wears off and relief sets in with the restored comfort of “home”, while Viktor Bout goes back about his business of spilling gallons of blood across the world.
However, we now know that in fact that the Russians didn’t offer up just Griner. They told Biden he could have Griner or Whelan, proving the Biden staff outright lied when they stated that Whelan had not been offered as an option. Joe Biden straight out lied, when he told reporters, “This was not a choice of which American to bring home”, although it could be debated as to whether Griner is really anyone who actually passes for an American.
The American people should know that Viktor Bout was serving a 25 year sentence after being convicted of giving aid to a terrorist organization and plotting to kill Americans. He was known to have sold weapons to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and rebels like those in Sierra Leone, wherever there was a civil war or some other violent conflict to be found. And now he’s loose and free to pick back up where he left off, depending on how tightly Putin holds his chain now.
In the meantime, Paul Whelan, a former Michigan police officer and an Iraq War Veteran, sits in a Russian prison with twelve years of a sixteen year sentence of “hard labor” left to serve, simply because he traveled one too many times to Russia in troubled days and wanted to attend a friend’s wedding. He’s been held all this time on the false charge that he was spying on Russia for America, which led to his arrest in 2018.
There isn’t any doubt that this sorry, egregious, sordid affair will open the floodgates to every minor and major terror player and every dictatorial power across the globe to zero in on any American within their sights and reach, as a new, potential target for kidnapping to be held for ransom and to extort key concessions from a U.S. administration that has shown itself to be weak beyond belief, starting from the day it botched the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan that resulted in thirteen American Service Members losing their life in the explosion of an Islamic terrorists bomb. Biden has essentially invited dictators and rogue regimes alike to use Americans as tools that can be used against America’s interests, and so, any American with any sense should be extremely careful about where they travel these days, now that they are primary targets for unlawful detention and imprisonment.
The Biden regime needed a win, so they didn’t bat an eye and just sent and an international arms merchant back to Putin’s open arms and said “to Hell with the Marine.”