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Election-Fraud Corruption Is Deeper Than Anyone Can Imagine

Multiple polls conclude that over 70% of Americans think our elections are filled with fraud. But we’re learning it’s deeper and more organized than just a few thousand mules dropping fake ballots into election boxes. 

The corruption involves both political parties. Big Tech manipulates search engine results, and takes down “dangerous” websites. With the Elon Musk revelations, we now see that our own FBI is working actively with Twitter to censor conservatives and silence dissenting speech. It’s next to certain that Twitter wasn’t the only Social Media Giant the FBI was giving orders to. And the mainstream media is all-in on ridiculing, dismissing or attacking people willing to speak out. 

Anyone who floats the idea that the Republican red wave disappeared because of poor GOP tactics, or inadequate candidates is either stupid or part of this conspiracy. In fact, it’s an excellent “RINO detector!” 

Any “conservative” news organization that is not focusing 100% on the corruption that has been unearthed in Maricopa County is complicit. 

The Left and their RINO allies, along with who-knows-how-many other corporate and foreign actors, have set up the most complicated electoral fraud system in history. EVERY step of the voting process – from who is allowed to vote, how they vote, how the votes are tallied, to how the results are reported, is compromised. They are so far into their corruption that being exposed is not an option. They will do literally anything to avoid being caught. 

A good place to start is with the voter rolls. 

They are so rife with inaccuracies, full of outdated and blatantly false information, that no election can be considered safe. The data is completely unsecured and can be manipulated at will. And most efforts to clean up the rolls are either ignored, or done so slowly or incompletely as to be useless. 

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One county in Arizona noted “42,000 changes to the election rolls within weeks of the election – most were illegal. 21,000 new voters added to the election rolls, within 29 days of the election – almost every one is illegal. 8,000 voters appear to live in a business – each one would be illegal. 1,951 people received ballots at one address, and then voted from a different address – every one is illegal. The Republican candidate – with an 11-point lead in the polls – lost by around 21,000 votes to a woman who was afraid to debate her!” 

Absentee ballots are the currency of election fraud. 

When you can manipulate the voting rolls, you can easily create “floating ballots” in states where absentee ballots are mailed out to every voter. Just change a digit in the zip code and a corrupt postal worker can easily gather up those ballots when they return as undeliverable. All you have to do is line up a buddy at the post office and send incorrectly addressed ballots to his zip code. 

Another method is to change or delete box numbers for apartment buildings or college campuses. Again, when they come back as undeliverable, they can be snapped up to be saved up for election day. If it looks like your candidate is losing by 2,000 votes, just fill in 2,500 and voila, victory! 

The addresses in the voter rolls need only be changed for a single day so the ballots can go to the wrong addresses and the data is changed back. “In a real-life example, this month, we found a county that changed 31,500 zip codes, yet the voter remained at the same address.” 

There’s no way to know this is happening unless someone happens to download the manipulated data at the right time. An almost undetectable crime. Another type of phantom voter is someone on the rolls who hasn’t voted in the last two or three elections. Send an absentee ballot for them at a wrong address and vote for them. Heard cases where in-person voters are told on Election Day that they’ve already voted? Their absentee ballot was voted by someone else first. 

More detail can be found at “How to steal an election.” 

 The vote counting process is completely insecure.  

There’s a great video from 2020 with over a million views, focusing on Michigan vote tabulating procedures, which are similar in most of the rest of the country. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, explains the issues affecting voting system accuracy and exposes a “Weighted Race Feature” in the actual user manual for “Global Election Systems” software that allows system operators to change votes by any percentage for any candidate – i.e. by 200% or by 50%. 

This “feature” is present in almost all voting systems and is seen as early as 2001. 

In one case his team analyzed early voting and election day voting in four counties in the 2020 Michigan election. They concluded that in three major counties, Trump’s votes were decreased by at least 69,000 and Biden’s votes were increased by 69,000 using a computer algorithm within the voting machine software. 

At the 21:00 mark they explain how it happened. In Michigan you can vote by selecting individual candidates or simply choose to vote for one political party or the other. Obviously a precinct with a lot of Republican-party-line voters would also have a lot of Republicans chosen by the vote-in-each-contest voters. But somehow 2020 data showed that the more Republican-leaning the precinct, the more votes were different from the one-party voters vs. the individual voters – always in favor of Biden! This demonstrates likely use of the weighted race feature, which was absent in a predominantly Democrat county. Even more damning is when the data is charted, the line is perfectly straight and the slope of the line is very similar in each county. This could not happen without a mathematical formula being applied to the actual number of votes. 

So what can be done? Looking up individual entries on voter rolls, comparing them to local property records for non-existing addresses and submitting changes to the local Boards of Elections would take hundreds of years. 

Fractal computing to the rescue. 

But now, fraud-savvy groups are analyzing voter rolls and using “fractal computing” to compare them to other data – county property records that show the type of building at each address so a voter can’t register if their address is a vacant lot or a convenience store, post office databases that show who has moved out of state, or a deceased voter who is listed as alive, then votes, then goes back to being deceased the next day. What if a single house with one bathroom has 35 people listed as living there? 

One team in Wisconsin challenged almost 400,000 alleged phantoms.  A Georgia team, in one county, 37,000.”  

The one thing in common among the candidates victimized by this level of fraud is not that they are Republicans, but they are MAGA conservatives. It’s clear that both parties use these tactics to favor Democrats and RINOs. 

We need Voter ID and permanent voter registration cards, publically viewable software, hand marked paper ballots, and all data to be kept for public viewing. 

If we expect the RINOs to actively work to end election fraud, we are just plain stupid. We must insist on new leadership for the RNC, support opposition to Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, and hope that turtle McConnell is ousted as the Senate Minority Leader. And do everything we can to support Kari Lake in her lawsuit to overturn the Arizona gubernatorial election.

Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer. For reprint permissions for other websites, to share inside information for important stories, article requests or comments contact him at