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A Sleepy Night In Georgia

History begins with, “In the beginning….” for many of us.  Modern analysis of history begins, today it seems, with T.V. historians (most of them aren’t really) who seem to perceive only that the American South which they consider an evil section not just of the United States but of the world globe has attempted to destroy any measure of the decency of Southerners and their courage and loyalty not to mention their historically superior academia in the literati and letters.  

It is these factions of idealistic devious presentism and their juvenile historiography which portray a track record of Southerners as slovenly rednecks, backwoods racists, and traitors to the so-called great “experiment” or “founding” of some fictitious proposition nation. That sentiment holds as it always has particularly of the Yankee (the “John Cheese” translation from the American Dutch who despised the New England sissies who all too frequently postured as patriots, while Southerners did much more of the fighting) mindset.  

This is, of course, supported by the various “news” networks that dabble in reason much like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland dabbled in reason. 

Fox News, you say, is still holding the fort for truth and justice? Truth and justice ain’t what Fox is holding, and it has some of the biggest blowhards this side of Lebron James.  Admittedly it tries (the rest—CNN et al– don’t even do that) but it has no real historians who will take truth and justice as a fact when confronted; only a fallback of personal presentism in order not to be excoriated—that is assuming they recognized the truth when they saw it. Exceptions at Fox might be Joey Jones or Will Cain, but even they want to continue in nice jobs, I’m sure. 

Southerners have carried the water for the Republicans since 1964 and it might just as well be a bucket of spit. I suspect that Herschel is aware of this by now. Southerners, like myself, saw Herschel Walker as Big Sam in Gone with the Wind protecting the white woman from the black Scalawag, while Sam was willing to give up his life.  Republicans saw (and see) him as an ex-Heisman Trophy winner who might come in handy if he hadn’t failed. He failed, so he won’t be on the Republican Christmas card list. Anyway, he was just a clumsy black friend of Donald Trump. And Jeb Bush still lives, anyway.

The Republicans don’t want Southern votes except for national power. That is national Republican power, NOT federal republican power. If this isn’t clear then try reading something more comprehensible, like Alice in Wonderland!  Republicans use Southerners (for votes), they don’t actually like them. Modern Southern politicians have convinced Southerners that Republicans are republicans. Subsequently, the “New South” bunch joins in decrying the South as racists, bigots, slavery worshipers, and on and on, and should be joyed at being cleansed by God’s children, the Republican party. 

And that ain’t just whistling Dixie, which has probably been declared a hate crime by the Washington “elites” and their brethren, The Southern Poverty Law Center, etc. anyway. 

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This conception is now mostly set by the Republican party apparatchiks and their self-promotion as the good guys of American political life, e.g. Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, George Bush, et al 

They can sell this shtick as “good guys” only because they are always compared to the Democrat monsters of decadence and deceit, 

The same Republican party whose primary consideration was (and still is) to remake the Jeffersonian (agrarian/Southern) ideal of a republic into the image of New England and its strain of Yankees who believed slaves were NOT to be freed (not in the Americas, anyway) but repatriated to Africa though such bastions of emancipation as the American Colonization society. And, as well, these non-republican Republicans saw a Hamiltonian (Yankee/New England) as the future. This was, in fact, old “Honest” Abe’s view along with his 1850s Republicans (for a real history lesson, read what the Emancipation Proclamation actually said). And one might check on the failed Corwin Amendment.

Embedded within the modern Republicans are a few good guys, though this political party as a “conservative” essence is mostly window dressing that looks beautiful when placed alongside the Democrat party which is comprised of socialists, sodomites, and leech-sucking federal taxing thieves always posturing themselves as “authorities.” Also, whose presentism-bred “hindsight” will save those of color from the white-power godless. Salvation of course will be through what they call reparations. Real conservatives, call it theft.  That would be Southerners for the most part in days past. But Republicans, though not the monsters that the modern Democrats are, typically cherry–pick lies and too many Southerners have fallen for these mostly casually thrown canards in order to be liked.

Georgians are learning rapidly the facts of life that psychopath William T. Sherman burned into them over a century and a half ago. Their great grand mamas and daddies learned and rightfully carried those memories until 1964. 

The difference now is the Republicans have convinced them that Southerners deserved such brutalities of a Satanic Total War.

That (1964) was the year that “Solid South” came crashing down. And the brand-new Democrats brought a breath of foul air to the country. 

For heaven’s sake, characters as inglorious as Charles Manson and Jack Kevorkian are beginning to look saintly alongside the political pirates who cheer on themselves as Democrats.  Despicable? Degenerate? You name the “disgust,” and they have it.

No? The “Me-Too” movement, launched as a result of mostly Democrats and their loyal minions, alone now promotes rape, pedophilia, misogyny (the “M” word–their favorite shibboleth thrust at conservatives), and possibly even such misdemeanor (to them) mischief as murder.  Sodomy no longer is sinful, but a lifestyle of freedom. Abortion is no longer human sacrifice, but a “pretty flower” choice. And we thought the Aztecs were savages—go figure. Perhaps with these Democrat party soldiers of God, we shall soon enjoy cannibalism at our “National” Thanksgiving feast.

Having Grandma and Grandpa for dinner will have a whole new meaning.

With such loyal opposition as such an opponent, it is easy to see why the Republican apparatchiks and their toadies are thought of by many as “conservative.”

The South was no more “responsible” for slavery than were the pretty and pompous Pilgrims who appropriated the historical concept of the first Thanksgiving from the Virginians who actually had given a period of thanks as a “feast” at least a decade before the puritanical Pilgrims and their Yankee Plymouth Rock pomposity pimps celebrated their great “food-ing.” (Anyway, harvests of plenty grow in fertile earthen soil, not on some damn rock). But while (falsely) taking credit for a God-given harvest they were careful never to mention (again damn the Virginians–the Southerners) that the first colony in the Western Hemisphere to disallow, by law, the importation of slaves was Virginia.  Nor, you can be sure that it is seldom mentioned today that Georgia was the first colony to abolish the importation of slavery as part of its organic (constitutional) law. 

Probably no Republican mentioned this last item to Herschel. They were too busy not writing him checks.

They (Republicans) declare from commentator to commentator how the Democrats were the party of slavery and therefore are the seedlings of racism, bigotry, and other such mischiefs, as pertains to the various “peoples of,” whatever (you know, color, drag-queen provocateurs, sex deviants, ad nauseam).

However, Republicans are just shy of vomit-sickening when referring to Abraham Lincoln as the “Great Emancipator.” They declare the modern Republican party to be the conservative moderns and the Democrats the hyper-progresive (and socialists) and wayward wing of dystopia. 

The Republicans, of course, believe they are racing toward their “shining city on a hill,” center for a national utopia. They are full of it, but Fox Contributors keep shoveling more in. 

But then, as the old saying goes, “Even a blind hog sometimes finds an acorn.” 

The Democrats were no more responsible for slavery than the black African slavers who captured and sold their own continent’s black people to Dutch, English, Portuguese and New England slavers, who in turn sold slaves, mostly to South American and Caribbean countries. The Democrats as a party, in fact, came along a long time after slavery came to the western hemisphere (only a fool would blame any American political party for slavery in the western hemisphere). 

Blacks in Africa trading in slaves were probably no more (or less) quick on the slave trading entrepreneurial business than were the Egyptians, the Romans, the Mongols, or the Han Dynasty. But they were way ahead of the New England slave traders and the American South (since the South did not trade anyway—but bought slaves for labor as indentured beings).

And on the other side of the political coin, the Republican party was no more a party of warriors fighting to free slaves than Fox News, today, is a home for accurate historical footnotes. Many at Fox chase something they think is “conservative thought,” but almost none seem to know what conservatism is. It would be a shock to learn that anyone over there had ever heard of Richard Weaver or M.E., Bradford (but they damn sure know all about Ronald Reagan—you can be sure Reagan knew them); and the Republican party’s beginnings? They didn’t care about slavery or its elimination, they just didn’t like blacks. They wanted them gone. As a result, they started a national land appropriation war over the black/slave dilemma and called it a “civil war.” This , the greatest of the cherry-picked lies.

Historian and former assistant to Russell Kirk, Boyd Cathey, Ph.D., made an excellent point by quoting an article written in The Abbeville Institute recently (“‘National Unity’ is a Mirage.”). Robert Lewis Dabney, Southern author and Minister ten years after The War Between the States. uttered words that could as easily be spoken today of the Republican party and its coadjutors of historical silliness at Fox News.  

“This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity, and will be succeeded by some third revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn.”

Why did Herschel Walker lose? He lost because he had the so-called backing of the Republicans, who have never been loyal but to the New England Yankees whom they have always worshiped.  

The Republicans didn’t go to sleep in Georgia. They just didn’t care. The South had a name for them back during Reconstruction. Carpetbaggers! 

Herschel got carpetbagged.  Too, bad. Big Sam won his fight. But then he wasn’t a Republican. He was a man. And he whistled Dixie– just like me.

Deo Vindice