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Corruption And Grift Ahoy—Or Eat Your Heart Out Babylon Bee

If these idiots call women in congress “Gentlewomen” or (even dumber) “Gentle ladies” why don’t they call men in congress “Lady men” or “Women gentlemen”? Hmmm. But scaling back a bit in history to some of the prepubescent “Founders.”

“Are we a government of laws or of men?” John Adams.

There should be no pretense remaining insofar as to whether or not this is “…a government of laws or of men.” 

Of course, John Adams would today be excoriated, if he used the generic term of “men” instead of the accepted moniker of (take your choice from the modern English language’s “rules for fools”): person, persons, trans-man, bi-man, queer guy, woman-man, man-woman, LBGQT- gobbledygook, or hell just make up your own. It’s not like reason and sanity have a home in the good old U.S.A. 

Hell, we legal citizens may be invading Canada or Mexico before we know it to get away from the sorry bastard cartels and the mob they are driving into what was once our land.  Vulgar language is nary appropriate, you say? Good night nurse! What could be more vulgar than the modern politicos and their sodomy, drag queen dollies, Me-Too-fly-children-to-private-islands-for-sex– not to mention a president who showers with his daughter and whose son makes The Maquis De Sade’s libertine sexuality look like Sunshine in Sunday School. 

Next thing we’ll be told is that George Washington not only chopped down the cherry tree but he then had sex with it.

Just so we might corral as many readers as possible we might choose to use our personal fool-favorite of “XYZ Pronoun person.” So, Adams might have said incorrectly: “A government of laws, not of men.” But the slobs of government and the media (for lack of a better term)*  might say from the modern mecca of  “Woke” or “Political Correctness,” or as we used to call it in the Marine Corps (the pre-feminine-modernized “Few Good Men” Marine Corps) a mecca of bull****! :

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“We are not a government of laws but a government of XYZ Pronoun Persons.” Adams would be proud of such foresight? Who knows?

 But then those old white guys wore white stockings; clearly a binary nod to multi-sissy-mano a mano sex. 

Politicians (with great Democrat leadership) have made mental illness something we can all be proud of.

And now that the ahistorical (mostly from the “left”) has gotten multi-political mileage out of the old canard that Jefferson dallied with Sally, they can update their mendacity and political puffery with some mystical tale that the Constitutional Convention was avoided by Patrick Henry because he was afraid the old white guys just wanted to have sex with one another. AND that’s why no women attended. Because the “real” history for today’s moderns is that what Patrick Henry really said was “Give me liberty or give me female sex.” He didn’t fear death except via Aids.

Finally, the truth has spread like FTX. FTX isn’t a venereal disease, but maybe it should be, considering how many people got….well, you know.

“To the Democrats and it progressive, liberal, socialistic, commie, degenerates: we hardly knew thee.”


To the Republicans et neocons: “Strange that cowards cannot see that their greatest safety lies in dauntless courage.”

Johann Kaspar Lavater

The current press secretary, who doesn’t know Alfred Nobel from Roland the Noble Knight, has taken the handoff without bobbling the ball from her predecessor, the fiery redhead with the charcoal I.Q. 

Joe can pick his nose with more class than he can pick aides.  

It’s the bloodhound in him. Sniff, sniff, …oh man!

Say it ain’t so, Joe. Say it ain’t so. But Joe couldn’t say nary…cause’s it so. It’s so.

As another old Founder, Ben Franklin, said in reply to a question? “If you can keep it.”  Y’all remember the question?

“The belle is a product of the Deep South, which is a product of the nineteenth century and the Age of Romanticism. Virginia is a product of the eighteenth century. It’s impossible to extract a belle from the Age of Reason.”

Florence King, Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady: A Memoir

*The media has for a time been accepted as a name for those reporters (upped to the nomenclature of “journalists”) of news. However, like the Buffalo and Whale the numbers are seemingly reaching a limit of analysis in Calculus which is asymptotic (for extinction), and a very low one. Therefore, what is referred to as the media these days is bettered understood as one or more of the following: Nitwits, Silly Souls, Barely Literate Losers, Dimwitted … you get the idea. The “media” today would shame William Randolph Hearst and hoist Joseph Goebbels onto their shoulders of manners!