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Poison And Unspent Ordnance

An unfortunate incident occurred in the S.F. Bay Area when I was growing up. Two young boys were blown up while popping caps on the curb. Caps, as they were called, were paper rolls or sheets with tabs that contained a small amount of gun powder. They were primarily for use in toy guns but could be detonated using any pointed metal device or rock. In this case the boys were using an old piece of live ammunition that had been dug up at a nearby construction site. 

As you can guess, the cap acted as a primer and ignited what was essentially a grenade and both boys were blown to bits. How a lethal explosive from the army was found at a residential construction site I cannot recall, but sometime, somehow, somebody was responsible for leaving a live trap behind and it tripped.

There are countries with mines, some decades old, waiting to detonate on some unfortunate soul who washes up on the beach. There are depth charges still lurking in the ocean to inflict unexpected damage to subsurface vessels. Sown in panic or malice and without concern for the future, live rounds wait to inflict devastating harm when least expected. 

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama mined the lines and dropped depth charges wherever they went. Activist judges and prosecutors have been set like explosives all over this country. Ordnance continues to detonate years later and lay waste to enemies and innocent victims regardless. Not to be left out, Joe Biden planted a most lethal charge that has the ability to blow up over and over again. Think KBJ.

Kate Brown, the outgoing Governor of Oregon, in an epic tantrum, has commuted the sentence of every death row inmate in Oregon. No doubt some compassionate crusade will come along and enable a handful of them to rejoin society and eventually someone will get blown to bits. Kate has littered Oregon with live ordnance for someone to step on down the road.

I live on several acres in rural Texas. Predators are a constant problem to our gardens and livestock. One tactic we never deploy is poison (nor mines). Poison gets in the food chain and causes unintended consequences, sometimes for years. You set poison for gophers which renders them easy prey for a snake. The thrashing snake draws a hawk, and then the flopping hawk is eaten by a fox which, in the throes of death, comes close to the house for water and is found by our dogs. The risk is nowhere near the reward and we can see clearly down that road. We prefer guns and humane traps so we know exactly what we are going to kill or release.

Recently in Minnesota an animal control facility euthanized several animals with poison and instead of incinerating them, dumped them at the landfill where bald eagles dined on them and died. Poison is like unspent ordnance waiting to kill unintended victims. 

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The very symbol of America, the bald eagle, was the consequence. This is what I call a metaphor. The mines, depth charges and poison left behind by corrupt administrations are killing the Eagle. The horribly corrupt judges, DOJ, FBI, and even the CDC; they have become a lurking danger to every single animal for years to come.

Untold millions of illegal aliens stream across our border annually now. The world has opened up their prisons and sent the inmates toward the American Dream. Tons of fentanyl is arriving here. Live rounds and poison are overwhelming our country and we all await the damage and hope we don’t step on it or consume it. 

Unless we can somehow prevent the theft of elections and the planting of amoral activists in crucial legal positions, we will be left with nobody but the buzzards and cockroaches that can endure the poison and avoid the ordnance. 

By Steven Sorg

Steven Sorg is a longtime friend of The Blue State Conservative, and we are happy to add his input to the broader discussion on this issue.