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The Machine Correctly Assumes You Will Remain On The Couch

It is sadly amusing to read many articles regarding the Trump-DeSantis alleged fight.  They start with: “Trump appointed bad people.” “Trump did not do enough on the border.” “Trump needs to shut his mouth.” Et cetera.  How about: “Where did DeSantis get his $200m?” or “He is a tool of the deep state” or “Why do corporate media types endorse him?” 

It is time to really recognize the situation for what it is. Unimportant!  The list of actual crises is endless.  Think about them.  Your kids are exposed to homosexuals as if they were normal as opposed to being two percent of the population that are genetic mutants. They have been harnessed as the current ride into the next level of political control by using them as one more step in the elimination of your rights a bit at a time.

How about the loss of your rights as a parent?  Did you ever consider that?  All that was required about 50 years ago was for Wally Cronkite to show pictures of a couple of cases of horrific child abuse in New York and the Child Protective Service machine was created. Now if you discipline a child with a switch you get to pay a lawyer to try to retrieve your kid from a holding pen that is used as an income enhancing mechanism for courts and the foster parent scam.

How do you feel about being arrested for trying to exercise your freedom of assembly or speech?  We all know about the dungeons in DC and your paid for reps that will not get them out.  Perhaps being tracked and recorded from your telephone would irritate you or maybe the release of your tax returns to a website.   How about the refusal to release the CIA papers on the plot to assassinate JFK 60 years ago?  What are they hiding?

Enough of rehashing old insults to your ideas of self government. The items above only show our failure as citizens to operate our government for decades.  Where have you been?  Watching a football game, playing bridge, working overtime to pay for a too expensive car loan?  Maybe a new dress so the other girls would be jealous?

I certainly hope that those entertainments were worth it.  We now have an insurmountable debt to pass on to the helicoptered children, an invasion by primitives across the border and a Chinese spy network that they have been installed through every level of our scientific, educational and governmental department.  

The situations cited above are easily referenced and our representatives do not even bother to deny it.  They do not care.  But the latest coup is the most dire of all.  We now have experimented twice with a new governmental system that has been found to be totally foolproof.  It is called exotic ballot counting.  This stuffing makes everything else possible as it allows the politicians to ignore the voters completely if they wish. Irritating voters are now just background noise.  Ballot stuffing allows wallet stuffing and is not even denied by your representatives. They just say no one has been found guilty and wait until you have forgotten about it.

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This brings us back to Misters Trump and DeSantis.  Both have good points but it matters not.  They will lose without major restructuring of voting requirements. The Republican Club “opposition” had two years to change the laws but nothing even was attempted.  Do you believe it will be attempted before 2024?

There are two options left on the table.  Both mean getting off of your ass so I have my doubts.  One is a new  convention of the states.  Since it would have to trace a path through the political clubs, its’ creation is doubtful at best and even then who do you think would choose the delegates?  The political clubs obviously.  Many people are unaware that these clubs are not part of the legal government of the USA and could be thrown out of the convention using large sticks if we desired.  Would the clubs vote to eliminate their control of their rice bowl by creating new hurdles that could eliminate their jobs?  I doubt it.

The last method always works but requires a solid core of believers to enforce.  If the blade drops even once the entire landscape changes immediately.  Mr. Jefferson certainly realized it.

The Madame

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American and Senior Fellow of the PRAC Foundation offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.