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About That “Challenge”

If you missed it, on Dec. 15th these pages carried “A Challenge from Abroad”. It featured a letter from a young gentleman from Greece, also a personal friend, who posed series of questions focused on America’s porous borders and the failure of the Government to secure them. This was of special concern inasmuch as the Constitution, Presidential oaths, the Rule of Law are being simultaneously and blatantly violated by the current administration. In addition, the writer questioned Americans appreciation of the spirit of the Declaration of Independence: to authorize – even obligate – the citizenry to ‘alter and abolish’ and change a malignant government for failure to perform in accordance with its stated obligations: to secure the unalienable rights of those who granted its power. He concluded with this:

“If Americans still believe and honor these words, why haven’t they acted accordingly?”

It seemed a challenge worthy of Blue State Conservative readers and I offered it up for your consideration…

Give it your best shot. There is no word limit but brevity in such matters is always appreciated…Assuming brilliance abounds, I’ll post accordingly before Christmas.

Happily, more responses than expected were received. Sadly, most of them, while persuasive and informative, were longer than manageable without serious editing. Time being at a perpetual premium, I looked for the best submission that confronted the issues with clarity and an economy of words. Here it is

“The United States government has become exactly what the founding fathers were writing the declaration of independence and constitution for.

The portion in the declaration that speaks about the reticence of ordinary people to engage in a war is especially important, because it accurately states that people don’t want to possibly die in a battle and so they will basically go along and get along.

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This country celebrates its military constantly, and, of course, the men and women sign a contract saying that if called upon, they will do battle for us , the citizens of the USA .

It would be a huge deal, obviously for Texas or Arizona or any border state to call out the National Guard to do the job that the federal government is failing to do, but it is exactly what has to ultimately be required if the voters expect that to be done.

Joe Biden, absolutely 100% should be impeached for this reason alone, failing to provide for the defense of the citizens of the United States.” 

Paul Meyers, Washington, DC

Thanks to Paul and all of you who shared excellent thoughts. Next year, I may use them in a compilation of sorts since it doesn’t appear Santa – or anyone else – will be bringing us a worthy resolution any time soon; that “Merry Christmas” will have to wait. In the meantime, maybe Santa will bring enough people the required body parts to fulfill our personal obligations to Freedom, Liberty, and that Justice thingy.

Feliz Noel!

By Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a nationally ignored talk show host and occasional un-indicted co-contributor. He recently released his fourth book, “50 Stories; 50 Years in Radio”, now busily scribbling an unlikely screenplay for Book #3. With his spare hour, he is focused on splitting the atom and pursuing the ever-elusive Whirled Peas, all from his technically challenged studios on the formerly pristine shores of the Great Unnamed Lake, allegedly in the Southeast. Brian is also a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.