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Load Our Guns and Assert Our Rights: Stephen Austin

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. Matthew 10:21

There are no longer any cute and/or sissified attitudes of difference of opinion, loyal opposition, steadfast opposition, or any quaint little aphorisms like “I disagree with him but will defend to the death the right to say it.”

I no longer hold faith in such nonsense. Apparently, Jesus Christ Himself (knowing all: past, present, and future) prophesied that at some point the strains of kindness and discipline versus demonic flashes and forces of damnation would be beyond the Golden Rule of even the most committed Christian disciple. Though He replaced the soldier’s ear in the garden and admonished Peter that “those who live by the sword, will die by the sword,” He knew what had drawn Peter to draw his sword.  He knew that evil forces so demonic that they claimed to be righteous would be beyond human flesh’s discipline when those forces spit and spilled their vile temptation. Christian crusades have been launched fervently as a result of vicious and undiluted blasphemy designed as temptation.

How many people with even a modicum of decency and conduct have been tried to their limit by disgusting human beings who believe in and worship their own sovereignty?  They call out and threaten you for not accepting them as lords of conduct. Often, many succumb to these sovereigns with: “They do have a right to their opinion.”

Not to me. They stink and make me puke. Hell is full of opinions and opinionated souls. No longer do I wish to associate with this sordid trash. Their opinions came from the gutter. Let them live there with them.

Often these “tryers” are even among their own family members. 

Sodomites and baby killers; M.D.s who first seek to do much harm via surgical butchery, pretend vaccines, and science fiction pandemics; lawyers who seek lucre first and justice with a blindfold replaced by justice with a mask (M.D.s do that too).

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The lawyers are as sick as the current crop of affirmative action M.D.s let loose in the past couple of generations. The courts’ benches are flooded with hack judges who wouldn’t know a subpoena from a submarine. The courts are not where you get justice, it’s a place where taxpayers pay building maintenance while lawyers and judges pretend to hear “both sides.” Most lawyers could not tell you the distinction between federal and national nor how many articles in the U.S. “federated” constitution. Nor could most tell you what the Constitution constitutes. But most pass the bar exam as if they are grand readers of the law. Though they then suggest four thousand page laws which are not read but are a blank check to bureaucrats and foreign wars lobbyists not to mention congressional thieves paying for votes.

Today, the law is like medicine, a faux pas of professionalism. They are professional not unlike politicians and prostitutes: pimps and lobbyists prime the pump and pass the cash. 

But it doesn’t matter. The law is on the other side of the border (Mexican) with the Democrat border bandits. Medicine is on the other side of the world with the CCP’s gain-a-function. 

And these would-be sovereign-of-self beings in the U.S. are no more than fifth columnists for the drug cartels and the ensconced political parties in the United States. Yes, both Republicans and Democrats are devils. The Republicans are probably worse. At least the Democrats are upfront about their despicable fortune quests. The Republicans simply lie and explain it with “just wait ‘til we …” 

And so now, two of the most honorable and distinguished dispositions now are lost in a swamp of politically corrected “wokeness.” Today sawbones and shysters are no longer appellations applied only to cartoons. Today stupidity has climbed from the funny papers and therefore modernity serves naked madness!

Back when men were men and women were glad of it, in the summer of 1835, Stephen Austin having been freed from arrest in Mexico (Santa Anna has refused to abide by the constitution of 1824) called other men together and told them that he saw no alternative but for us: 

“To load our guns and assert our rights.”

They, indeed, had no other choice.

Today men are not men and women sure as hell ain’t women. Tattooed, cursing, boxing—hell, they’d even be spitting tobacco if the goody-two-shoes sissies hadn’t crucified tobacco. Too bad they don’t see fentanyl as dangerous as a Lucky Strike. 

In any event, today we have no choice.

 Once, Washington (D.C.) was authorized to defend our rights (among federal laws). That did not mean only they had the authority. It meant we allowed them to and we paid them to. It didn’t mean it was their responsibility. It is/was their duty assigned by us if and when we wished.

We cannot defend ourselves today, and a duty assigned to Congress, The White House, and The Courts by us have been corrupted by those very bodies to whom we allowed duty.

And please don’t bring up the greatest monster of corruption, The Pentagon. I wouldn’t trust those guys to stand guard over the tomb of the unknown soldier. They would give new indecency to graverobbing.

It was Santa Anna’s misfortune to come along a couple of hundred years too late. Had he come at this later date he not only would have claimed Texas, but he could also have had the whole enchilada. After all, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William Travis would have been under gun control. 

Load guns? Assert rights? What a joke. Not unless the lobbyists get us in a nice little war somewhere. 

Then we can shoot the hell out of (as Sean Hannity would say) “…innocent men, women and children.” 

Hell, Sean, that sounds like something that Joe Biden would say while scratching his head over who the fourth was.