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Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

The moment you realize “Conspiracy Theory” is used as a pejorative, other discomforting discoveries quickly follow. 

For most, it’s an onslaught of Cognizant Dissonance. If this is your first time – and you continue reading – you’re likely to get that feeling momentarily. 

For reasoning, open-minded people, the next is the sudden realization a powerful arm of the Federal Government – in fact, the entire government apparatus – has no regard for you, your inalienable rights, your freedom or their legal obligation to protect them;

They have no respect for your intelligence and native ability. As Tucker Carlson is fond of saying, “Sit down, Slave and shut up”;

They are terrified you will discover the lies, indescribable horrors and monstrosities they have committed in their pursuit of power and control over you. They have – and will – go to every extreme to accomplish them at the staggering expense of American blood and treasure. 

However, when government agencies and their myrmidons immediately label an inquiry as a “conspiracy theory”, you will discover you are closer to the truth than you realized.

In fact, the majority of what government and media have blithely disposed as “conspiracy theories’ have been revealed as truth. The assassination of an American president by its own government is the primary example. 

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There is an origin to the term. The term conspiracy theory was created in 1967 by the CIA. To discourage people from challenging whatever government propaganda or narrative is put out. You can look this up all over the search engines. The term is used to dismiss or brush them off as crazy.

In response to the “Twitter Files” detailing how the FBI-Twitter circle jerk was real, the bureau called the allegations “conspiracy theories” but never actually denied its relationship with Twitter.

Any reasonable, thinking person conscientiously examining the facts as evidence could not – without overwhelming cognizant dissonance referenced above – walk away with any other conclusion.

After several weeks of these most current revelations, it should be obvious to all but the terminally skeptical that our Government has far less than our best interests at heart. To the contrary, Government efforts to establish and maintain control of every aspect of human endeavor is manifested through little known programs well-funded with extorted taxpayer dollars. Some have been “running in the background” for so long, little attention is paid to them. So thoroughly ‘papered-over’ with the Conspiracy Theory label, few people give a second thought to reflexively blowing them off with derision.

Skeptical yet? I was…

Years ago I remember someone saying something about, those long trails of streaming white stuff that came out of the back of big jet planes. I was told those were vapor trails coming off the jet engines at high altitudes, making ‘clouds’ as they streamed across the sky. Years later, other people said ‘Nope. No sucha thing. Those are just chemtrails – chemical vapors; scientists are “seeding the clouds” to make it rain.” 

OK – whatever, where’s my beer?  Who’s winning the game…?

As years passed, my ignorance-fueled skepticism went through a gradual metamorphosis, an epiphany of sorts, about matters most ridiculed as conspiracy theories…ya know: Roswell and Flying Saucers, Oswald killed Kennedy, Madonna is a virgin, Vince Foster murdered Jeffery Epstein, Covid vaccine really works, elections are fair and honest…things like that. 

But just as we are recently learning UFOs have been dogging Navy jets for years, the truth about Oswald and Kennedy is slowly leaching out, American elections really are unfair, unbalanced and heavily influenced by all sorts of FBI and Twitter skullduggery…more and more factual data is being revealed supporting that ancient conspiracy trope: Mother Nature really does have guys on the inside manipulating the weather, specifically big time storm stuff – like the Christmas Snow and Blow job that just ravaged everything east of the Mississippi – through massive chemical seeding of the atmosphere.  Of course, meteorologists were calling it a “bomb cyclone”, a ‘severe anomaly’, ‘never seen anything quite like this before.”

IOW – that silly chemtrail story everyone poo-poo’d – is actually be the real deal. 

(Getting that ‘CogDis’ feeling yet?)

It’s called geoengineering, not chemtrails. And it’s serious, not some conspiracy theory. Not surprising, it’s a huge subject that’s miraculously managed to stay way below the average person’s radar for nearly 70 years. A lot of damage can be done in 7 decades and has been done right before our eyes. You probably didn’t know that or, like me, you just blew it off, denied it, had other things to do.  

Much of the heavy lifting in this field has been by one Dane Wigington at     

If that cognizant dissonance has a good grip on you now, you might cure it with a visit there or here. Be sure you’re sitting down when you do.  GeoengneeringWatch is a data repository, a-political, it provides attributed proof of everything they post. Not many organizations do that.

Remember the prescient comments of former President Lyndon B. Johnson.