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Wokerati Infiltrate Food Menus With Absurd Climate Information About Your Hamburger

Woke scientists are now demanding that fast food joints put warnings on their menus designed to inform you that the tasty burgers and other assorted treats they offer are bad for your health — as if we all don’t already know that — not to mention bad for the environment. Absurd, right?

An environmental warning on fast food products….heaven help us.

According to Newsmax, a group comprised of American researchers have tested the climate-change warnings on fast food menus and discovered that they are effective in encouraging individuals to make better, more sustainable dietary decisions. Insert an eye roll here.

Here’s more from the report:

The labels were colored. The red environmental impact stamp was on beef which led to a quarter more people abstaining compared to those who did not see the warning.

Environmental guilt was more effective than the green “good for the planet” label, which encouraged only a tenth more people to choose more sustainable food. British consumers already are used to the “traffic-light” good labels for those with more than the recommended fat, sugar, or sale.

A new group of American researchers is testing adding a similar system to combat climate change, among other things. Their study, published in JAMA Network Open, claims it could have merit because animal-based food production, primarily through beef, accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The researchers tested the warning by enrolling more than 5,000 participants and dividing them into three groups, then showing them a fast food menu.

They had to select one item from the hypothetical 14 that had affixed labels from a red food stating, “This item is not environmentally sustainable. It has high greenhouse gas emissions and a high contribution to climate change,” to green which read, “This item is environmentally sustainable. It has low greenhouse gas emissions and a low contribution to climate change.”

The study revealed that red labels were the most effective 23.5 percent more than the comparative choosing non-beef in the control group. So the left is absolutely desperate to turn us all into vegetarians or vegans. Over my dead body.

Only 10 percent of individuals chose green.

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“The lead author of the study Professor Julia Wolfson, an expert in food policy at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said the results showed an effectiveness with the red-style labeling,” Newsmax reported.

“We found that labeling red meat items with negatively framed, red high–climate impact labels was more effective at increasing sustainable selections than labeling non–red meat items with positively framed, green low–climate impact labels,” she stated.

Wolfson then stated that individuals who were likely to choose the green labels actually ate better than the control group. This is despite no fast food included on the menu.

Regardless of whether or not it is effective, Wolfson said it would be up to the government to enforce the law.

“It is unlikely that industry would voluntarily adopt a negatively framed label approach; such an approach may need to be mandated or incentivized via legislation or regulation,” Wolfson remarked.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather