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Unacceptable, George Santos

In August of 2012, Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants baseball team was absolutely tearing it up. He was batting an absurd .346 and had the most hits of any player in the league. He had just won the MVP award at the All Star game. Then he tested positive for excessive testosterone. It is a banned substance, ergo Melky had cheated. It matters not whether it was introduced accidentally (so that defense is removed); the assumption is the substance aided the performance of the recipient and penalties must be assessed. In this case the player was suspended for 50 games by the league and traded by the Giants.

The Giants took the correct route in dismissing the All Star. He cheated and tainted the team. The Giants went on and won the World Series without him and Melky was quickly scooped up by a less discerning team. Kind of a win/win. To his credit Melky did admit his wrongdoing and seemed genuinely regretful. 

In light of the revelations that George Santos lied repeatedly in print and voice during his successful bid to join Congress, he must either step down or be removed. Better yet trade him; he is perfect Democrat material. Dude cheated and lied and sits like a stinking turd on our bench. Are we really going to ignore the flies and makes excuses, like George does? His pathetic attempt to dismiss his blatant malfeasance is nauseating at best. Get him out of here before he embarrasses us further. He is a dishonest man. 

I don’t care how badly we need that seat in Congress. I won’t stand for a lying cheater on my team. And it’s not like he is an all star, an MVP even, as if that would make him more acceptable. He only claims to be one. This should not be a difficult decision.

There is a classic South Park episode about how far “the bar” was lowered during the Obama era. Producer James Cameron had to take a submarine to the bottom of the ocean to find the bar and bring it back up. We are at that point now. All this talk about how Republicans need to game elections the way Democrats do if we are ever going to win is humiliating. Fix the damn game or don’t play it at all.

I have a suggestion. What if all registered Democrats voted on one day, Republicans on another, and Independents on yet another? First you have to allow the Democrats a month to count all of their votes and announce they have a final tally. Then the Republicans do theirs in one day and the Indies the next. Everyone holds their cards to the vest. Imagine the ultimate poker moment when everyone is set to reveal their cards. 

Make the Democrats show their hand first and watch them hold victory parties before any other cards are seen. Then the Republicans throw their cards down. Since the Indies usually decide the election they go last. Drum roll please. We have a winner and everyone gets to look at the deck and make sure no counterfeit cards were used. The Dems jump up and down, with cards falling from every pocket and cuff, stomping and braying they got cheated and demanding a do over while they kick the table over and set the place on fire. No dice, chumps. Wait until next season.

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We have got to change the game because currently the cheaters prosper. Welcoming cheaters on our team or discussing how we can employ the same despicable techniques as our enemy is not the answer. 

Paging James Cameron. Please pick up a Red courtesy phone.