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PF Whalen

Co-Founder: The Blue State Conservative

Our traditional, mainstream media – along with social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook – are doing everything they can to suppress facts and mold our opinions, and are doing so while claiming to be neutral arbiters of the truth. They are not. Here at The Blue State Conservative, we offer our opinions on various cultural issues and current events from a conservative perspective. It’s right there in our name, and we do not pretend to be moderate journalists: we are conservatives.

Unlike the legacy media, however, we are committed to the truth. Our opinions are based on facts, not fantasy, and when we make mistakes we admit them and retract falsehoods. There’s no misinformation or disinformation here.

Coming from states dominated by leftist Democrats, we believe we offer compelling perspectives. While we may be outnumbered locally, we are confident that our ideals align with a large majority of Americans, and we have listed our basic tenets below for your consideration. As conservatives, we fully understand that not everyone will agree with all of our views; but that is, after all, one of the founding principles of this great country. As Americans, we have the freedom to form our own opinions, and to express those opinions as we see fit.

For those of you from Blue States like us, we must remain steadfast in embracing conservative values. And for those of you from Red States, please know that not everyone from Blue States are the whackos that the media portrays us to be. God Bless America.

Parker Beauregard

Co-Founder: The Blue State Conservative

Prior to the creation of the United States, the role of every previous government was to enrich a few at the expense of the many. The Founding Fathers believed, as many good people do today, that the role of government was not to decide the rights of citizens but to protect them. The individual, not the government, was the true source of power and enterprise.

Abraham Lincoln never said we were the “perfect” hope. He said we were the “best” hope. Winston Churchill put it another way:”Democracy is the worst form of government except for all others.” There is no such thing as perfect, especially when it comes to government. Mankind is flawed; we were from the beginning. Anything created by mankind will therefore also be flawed. It is inescapable. However, we can strive for perfection. The United States is the manifestation of that effort. 

We are in the midst of a second Civil War. It is not being fought on a traditional battlefield; rather, it is taking place on a cultural front. The aim of these culture wars is to dismantle the very heart and soul of what makes America great: It’s freedoms, values, and individualism. Should those pillars fall, a more freer society will not assume its place. It is up to every America-loving patriot to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech, Legacy Media, Democrats, and the left as a whole to preserve the best country ever to exist in the history of the world.

Tenets of The Blue State Conservative

The United States of America:


  • Not only do we live in the greatest country on earth, we live in the greatest country that the world has ever known. No other country has done more to secure the freedom and basic rights of humanity around the world than the U.S. In our opinion, the U.S., which George Washington once called “The Great Experiment”, is nothing short of a miracle.
  • We should love our country, and we should be proud of our country.
  • In spite of our greatness, there are ugly, and in some cases despicable, aspects of our history, most prominent of which is slavery. There can be no greater sin against humanity than the brutality of slavery. It was vicious. It was cruelty at its worst, and we should openly acknowledge and discuss it. But it does not take away from our greatness. It was a tremendous injustice, but an injustice that was rectified. Just like opposition to women’s suffrage. Just like the injustices to Native Americans. We are not perfect, but we must continue to strive to be.
  • Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and we must embrace that fact. And no, “Judeo-Christian values” is not a “dog whistle” for white supremacy. Judeo-Christian values have nothing to do with one’s race or ethnicity. These values are a good thing, and are responsible, in large part, for the greatness we enjoy today.

The Role of Government:

  • Making the greatness of our country possible is, of course, the U.S. government itself. However, that government is not the solution to all of our problems. Along with local and state governments, it should be limited in scope:
  • Low taxes
  • Minimal spending
  • Limited regulations
  • The most fundamental and essential role of government must be to protect its people and their rights. Therefore, it is imperative that we have a strong and well-prepared military.            
  • The second-most fundamental and essential role of government must be to enforce the rule of law. A country without laws that are abided by is a country in anarchy. Therefore, it is imperative that we have strong and well-prepared law enforcement.


  • While unfortunately it’s often important to political discussions, it’s not important to us. We don’t care about one’s race, we care about one’s humanity, and nothing else.
  • Identity politics, particularly related to race, is evil. It has one objective – to divide us. While it does happen on both sides of the political spectrum, it’s undoubtedly much more common on the Left. We all need to push back against this effort.


  • This issue comes down to one simple question: when does life begin? Trying to frame the debate around the idea of “reproductive rights” or “women’s health” is blatantly dishonest. The question is simple – is a fetus a human being or not? The answer, for some, is not so simple. For us, a fetus is a human being. Clearly.


  • Our religions are critical to our identities, and our faith drives our behavior. God plays an enormous role in our daily lives.
  • The government should play no role in religion, it should stay out of its way. However, the notion of “separation of church and state” has been overplayed, and has gone out of control in some cases.

The Transgender Debate:

  • When dealing with those who consider themselves transgender, we should be compassionate, first and foremost. It must be agonizing for anyone going through that experience.
  • As is the case with most debates we must first look at the science of the matter, and the science is clear: biologically there are two genders, male and female, with the rare exception of “intersex” individuals, who make up less-than 0.01% of our population.
  • In addition to the obvious differences of genitalia and sexual organs, one’s gender is also clearly represented in his/her DNA, which is in every cell of his/her body. Women have two X chromosomes, and men have one X and one Y chromosome. That’s it… end of story.
  • Regarding intersex individuals, the debate is different, and those people are seldom cited in the broader debate on transgender.
  • The American Psychiatric Association identifies the condition as “gender dysphoria”.
  • If someone wants to identify as a gender different from one’s biological gender, that is their prerogative, but playing along with the idea is not helping that person, and we would argue it makes it worse. That is not to say, however, that we should be openly challenging such individuals. Publicly confronting someone dealing with the problem would serve no purpose other than to embarrass or humiliate, and that is certainly not appropriate.
  • Again, it is an individual’s decision – and indeed a human right – to identify as he/she sees fit. However, the notion that everyone else must comply, lest we be labeled as “transphobes”, is ridiculous. The current effort by some, for instance, to require everyone to declare our preferred pronouns upon meeting someone new is absurd. It is a clear attempt to change our culture and language, and any sane person must resist this attempt.

Rich People:

  • Good for them. We wish we’d had the good fortune to be in that situation.

Poor People:

  • We should help them, by enabling them to help themselves. 

Gay Rights:

  • One’s sexual orientation should have no effect on how rights are applied. Gay people must have the same rights as straight people.
  • On the issue of Gay Marriage, we take the Libertarian view – the government should not have anything to do with marriage, it is none of their business. The only exception to this should be if someone wants to enter into a legal agreement (i.e. a marriage license) with someone else, then the government should be involved only to the extent that it is involved with any other type of contract.
  • Regarding the Gay Rights movement, however, we have concerns. At the beginning of the movement, the message was sensible and straightforward; that message was essentially this – it is OK to be different, and we should all be tolerant. That message was easy to embrace; live and let live. However, within the last twenty years or so, the movement’s message has shifted. The message is no longer tolerance, it is acceptance, and it seems to be shifting now from acceptance to celebration. In other words, if you don’t accept and celebrate my sexual orientation, you are a homophobe. This message is unacceptable. Just like all of us should be tolerant of one’s sexual orientation, we should also be tolerant of one’s moral opposition to that lifestyle. Agree to disagree, and move on.

The “Alt-Right”:

  • For our purposes, let’s define the Alt-Right as “those who reject mainstream conservatism and advocate extremist beliefs usually based on those of white nationalism”. To you, we say go screw yourselves. We want nothing to do with you.


  • Immigrants have been a critical part of our past, and should be a key part of our future, but it must be done in a controlled manner.
  • Open borders mean we do not have a country. We must have secure borders.
  • Limiting immigrants based on skill-set, at least to some extent, is not only acceptable but preferable. Doing so does not make us racist or xenophobic, it makes us reasonable.
  • No one who is not a U.S. citizen has the right to come to our country, and we, as a sovereign nation are not obligated to admit anyone.
  • Refugees, true refugees, deserve our compassion and aid, and we should help them as much as possible without jeopardizing our own national security; up to and including allowing them to immigrate.

Gun Rights:

  • The second amendment is a critical part of our constitution; we all have the right to bear arms.
  • Regulations on firearms should come at the state level, first and foremost.
  • Laws that keep guns out of the hands of those who would misuse them (red flag laws, perhaps?) are a good thing, however, they must be effective and they must be enforced fairly. Clearly there are many laws that have been passed, with good intentions, but have failed.
  • The issue of gun control may be the single most polarizing debate in the country today, but we believe strongly that there can be bipartisanship here; and we hope there will be.

Capital Punishment:

  • Government execution of a fellow citizen is wrong, regardless of his or her crime. Instead, the person should spend the rest of his/her life in prison. Throw away the key. When and where possible, the criminal’s imprisonment should be cost neutral to the taxpayers, with the government pulling some type of value from the prisoner to offset costs (i.e. prisoners producing some type of marketable goods or services).
  • Note: While this is a fundamental belief of ours, we seldom find ourselves becoming very passionate about it. Generally speaking, when we hear that a murderer has been executed, we feel no sympathy to anyone but the victims of his/her crime.


  • Socialism does not work. Plain and simple. The more socialist a country becomes, the more problems it has. (See Venezuela, the USSR, Greece, and Cuba, etc.)


  • Capitalism works. Plain and simple. The more capitalist a country becomes, the more it thrives. (See the United States of America, and China, and Japan, and Vietnam, etc.)

The Staff at The Blue State Conservative