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Will the American Empire Fall Like Rome Because of a Virus?

The world has been fighting the Communist Chinese coronavirus for many months, and with “new variants” appearing, we may be losing the battle. Businesses are closing, hospitals are full, people are angry, experts are vacillating, politicians are lying as they take control, the innocent are dying, and vaccine makers are crying all the way to the bank carrying buckets full of money. 

Harry Chapin’s Genius And 1960s Folk Era Wisdom Aren’t Just For Commies And Radicals

There is still a part of me, though, that responds to Harry’s challenge, but only if it is done at a smaller level. A local level. I realize it’s the top-down grand policies imposed by government motivated by a mixed bag of vested interests that is the real danger. You see someone hungry – feed them. A government welfare program to end hunger by disincentivizing work and making citizens totally dependent on government with its destabilizing effects on families – I want none of it.

An Open Letter To Jimmy Kimmel From A Doctor Who Treats Actual COVID Patients Every Day

 In addition to the COVID vaccine, I have been vaccinated against smallpox, anthrax, rabies, and a whole litany of diseases the military deemed worthy.  Instead, I value informed patient consent and ultimately patient choice.  Patients may make personal health decisions I do not agree with about a great many health conditions, but it is my DUTY to lay out the risks and benefits of treatment options and, in the end, respect patient autonomy and decisions.

Texas Challenges the Murder Monopoly

Hollywood hates you. They hate the flag. They hate anything and everything American. Especially the work of the classic America that Hollywood ironically used to produce and showcase. Classic America captured in cinema and television reflected the same values, quality of life, and the highest standard of living that a free people created.

COVID: They Will Reap What They Sowed

Things are falling apart, the center cannot hold, and anarchy will be loosed upon the world. They have planted seeds of discontent and will reap a whirlwind of unintended consequences. A malevolent darkness envelopes our world. I am haunted by the possible dire outcomes of this Fourth Turning. We can’t let the sociopaths destroy our world.

The Human Side Of The Afghanistan Pullout, From Someone Who Experienced It

When I see the images come across the screen from Afghanistan, I don’t just see a country falling apart. I see little girls who will no longer be able to continue their education. I see women whose lives are about to be destroyed. I see American allies who are in imminent danger. I see my friends who are terrified and aren’t sure that they will even make it to tomorrow.

Election Integrity – Part II – The Smoking Gun

All of these independent analyses came to the same conclusion that the 2020 election was likely determined by computer manipulation of results rather than by the actual intentions of the voters.  The manipulations applied across all 50 states, and not in just the so-called swing states. 

Election Integrity – Part I – Setting the Stage

In most elections, there are a large number of people who by age, citizenship, and other factors, are eligible to vote.  There is also a subset of those people who have actually registered to vote.  In states that have not regularly maintained their registration databases, there are significant numbers of deceased voters, voters who have moved, ones who have lost the right to vote, and others still included in the registry.  Finally, there are those who actually vote in an election. 

Critical Race Theory – Where Have We Heard This Before?

Those who have been indoctrinated in all things leftist, instead of educated, have become a growing flock of sheep in America who are willing to surrender real freedoms for illusory government guarantees of comfort, security, and faux happiness sans rules and morality.

Where We Stand: America At A Crossroads

Undoubtedly, the fraudulent administration and its allies would attempt to put pressure on organizers of such a 10th Amendment effort. However, that would be of limited effectiveness since, unlike courts, leadership would be diffuse and spread across many States so there would be no single point of vulnerability.

Why We Are Hesitant To Be Vaccinated

The hesitancy is because the government and its vaccine proponents have been lying to us and have been lying about lying to us. They have broken trust and have done nothing to acknowledge that breach nor to repair it. There is a vulgar expression that captures the appropriate response to such dishonesty: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Forget Socialism – We Just Went Full Fascism!

Maybe they really are concerned about keeping American businesses competitive and productive. After all, in a global economy we have many competitors so perhaps they are going to address some of the issues that hamper our ability to compete on the world stage. Strangely, though, the Order is not about foreign competition, but rather mostly about competition between American firms.

COVID Vs Nuremberg: Bullies, Tyrants, And Deadly Vaccines

The Nuremburg Code is not just some quaint old bit of history. It was created as a result of tyranny. It was created to protect humans from evil governments and evil people in government. It is real and just as relevant today as it was when it was written.

An Open Letter to My U.S. Representative – Hypocrisy is Not a Virtue

However, the most radical spending of the last year and a half, and I expect in our nation’s history, has been COVID economic relief bills signed by both Presidents Trump and Biden, of which you proudly stated, “This year (2020), I have supported trillions in emergency relief…” You take credit for perhaps the single greatest cause of debt and inflation in our lifetimes, yet declare yourself eager to rein in radical spending.

COVID And The Cascade Of Consequences

Most people have proven to be followers. We need to shift the narrative to the point where they begin following the truth tellers. The enemy have the wealth, power of the media, and politicians in their pockets. They think they have the police and military, but videos of the police joining the protestors in Italy, offer hope they may turn on the oligarchs. They have families at risk too.

My Body, My Choice: Why Mandatory Vaccines Are Ridiculous

If the unvaccinated are unvaccinated purely by choice, then they have accepted the risk associated with that decision and no vaccinated person who disagrees with that decision need worry about them, since they themselves are protected by the vaccine. So, to all you vaccinated busybodies out there who are pissed at those of us not getting the vaccine, mind your own damned business!