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Shameful: Two Out Of Donald Trump’s Three Supreme Court Selections Just Caved To The Left On A Major Ruling

While many expected that Brett Kavanaugh, after his brutal treatment at the hands of the left during his mess of a confirmation hearing, would remain firmly entrenched on the right, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, he just sided with the left on a major issue, setting the stage for Team Biden to start discharging unvaxxed Navy SEALs.

Shocking Video Shows Why Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights

A big, burly man, sat waiting in a car for a potential victim to walk close by enough to assault. A young woman, just going about her business, was walking nearby, so he tore our of the car like a flash and rushed toward her, ready to do God knows what to her. Perhaps his goal was robbery, perhaps rape, perhaps abduction, or perhaps murder. Fortunately, neither we nor she have to find out.

Uh-Oh! Romney The RINO Just Got Some Bad News!

But Romney is an egomaniac. During the Trump presidency, he made everything about himself and repeatedly stymied the Republican agenda to show how “principled” he is. Remember when he sided with the Democrats and voted to convict Trump during the impeachment debacle?

What Is A Social Credit System And How Scary Is It? We Can Look To China For Some Answers

The punishments for having a low credit score vary in severity, but are ever-present and, even if not violent, can significantly impact the way one lives and is treated by society. Perhaps your score is low so the government won’t let you travel. Perhaps you’ve taken a bit too long to pay a credit card bill, or, yet worse, a credit car bill racked up paying for “frivolous purchases”, so now the government will limit where you can work.