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Boom! Kellyanne Conway Hilariously Scorches Biden On Whether He’ll Finish His Term

Concha then jumped in to make a joke about Biden, noting that “when we focus on age, the premise seems to be that when Joe Biden had his fastball, he had the proper instincts and have the proper perspective and policies to move the country forward” before quoting former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who said that Biden had been “wrong about every foreign policy decision throughout his 50-year career, whether it be in the senate or as vice president.”

Incredible: Here’s The Real Reason Joy Behar Might Finally Be Leaving The View

One good rule of thumb is to not really take the mind-numbingly vapid statements made by the different personalities on ABC’s “The View” at face value. Though the clucking hens are fun to mock and occasionally say things just crazy enough to represent what the left is probably thinking, they’re hardly paragons of deep political thinking, even for the left.

As J6 Committee Bursts Into Fake News Flames, Donald Trump Is Winning Huge Across The Nation

Things could not be going more differently for Trump and his persecutors in the legislature right now, particularly given what happened on Tuesday, as that’s the day that he won a shocking (well, shocking if you forget that he’s Trump) number of campaign victories in one night around the same time that the RINOs and Democrats on the January 6th Kangaroo Court lost all credibility thanks to their shameless pushing of Cassidy Hutchinson’s narrative.