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John Green

The Supreme Court’s Day of Reckoning is Coming

Ruling that last minute ad-hoc election changes were unconstitutional would have been relatively straightforward — but the court didn’t.  Hearing the election fraud evidence and adjudicating the result would have created a political crap-storm — but it would have been the right thing to do. 

Sometimes a Coincidence isn’t a Coincidence

Perhaps everything we’ve experienced since early last year is just an astronomically unlikely confluence of random events.  But isn’t it interesting that these events have left America disengaged at the very time China is expanding its global influence?

Radio Free America – Rush’s Legacy

Aside from the media network that he spawned; Rush was an old-fashioned tent revival pastor that converted millions of Americans to conservatism — one person at a time.  He revived the conservative movement in American. 

The Great Conservative Migration

Why are the Democrats and the media (to be redundant) saying the migration is turning red states blue?  I think they’re trying to gaslight themselves.  They desperately want to believe that states like Texas, Florida, Idaho, and Utah are turning blue because the alternative is terrifying.  Maybe they should move to Oregon and try some of that legal cannabis.

The Biden Honeymoon is Definitely Over

This isn’t the normal grumbling of citizens embarrassed by a President’s Texas accent or his mean tweets.  This is the seething anger that one gets when cheated by a con artist.  We were promised a return to normalcy.  What we got was a doddering old fool with the most radical agenda in history.

The Supreme Court has Taken up Residence in the Swamp

With this foray into politics, the Supreme Court inevitably became part of the swamp.  The justices are no longer scholars who understand the Constitution and its supporting documents; now they’re political players.  That’s why Supreme Court appointments have become so contentious.

Is Balkanization Inevitable?

Just 30 years ago, Yugoslavia split apart because of hatred and distrust between competing factions.  Its Balkanization resulted in 140,000 deaths and 2.4 million refugees.  Is this the future we want for America?

Will We Keep Our Republic?

America was founded on the principles of individual liberty and equal treatment under the law. These are the foundational principles required for equality and prosperity.

It’s Time to Flatten the Gun Violence Curve

We have a brand-new public health crisis — gun violence.  Now that the last pandemic is dying out, President Asterisk has decreed that people shooting each other is our next pandemic.  It turns out murder is not a morality problem, it’s a health problem. 

The Diversity Industry Has Turned the Clock Back…to 1960

Meritocracy is the solution to diversity.  Let people be the best that they can be on their own merits, and ignore the rest.   Isn’t that what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. meant when he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character?”  

Diversity Comes to the Cockpit

United will polish its woke credentials by giving its clientele what it wants most — diversity in the cockpit.  United has announced that 50% of its new pilots entering training will be females or people of color.

The Real Five Laws of American Politics

Shouldn’t any field called “political science,” have laws rather like those of physics that accurately model behavior?  I’d like to propose an alternative set of political laws. 

It’s Cool to be Conservative

If you’re invited to two parties — do you go to the one where everyone is mad and shouting — or do you go to the one where everyone is happy and laughing? 

My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed

As my friends complain, I keep reminding them that this is what they asked for. They’re beginning to realize they helped create this mess and they’re feeling a bit like that guy that gave the Nigerian prince $1,000 — embarrassed!

Donald Trump: Destroyer of the Clinton Dynasty

The Democrats have moved the Clintons from the asset column to the liability column on their political ledger. They are flushing them down the drain like spoiled milk (which still smells better than the stench of the Clinton Foundation).

Joe Biden Held Hostage – Day 34

The administration is behaving as if they’re working to a deadline. Could it be that they’re trying to get as much done as possible before Joe inevitably blows up his own presidency?

Public Servants or Parasites?

When did politicians and federal employees start calling themselves “public servants”? Even more importantly, why are we letting them?