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Hailey Sanibel

Yikes: U.S. Intelligence Worried About “Nuclear Test” In North Korea During Biden Visit

The undisputed weakling in the White House has a scheduled trip to South Korea and Japan later this week, and he has already modified the schedule based on national intelligence reports suggesting Kim Jong Un, fittingly nicknamed Little Rocket Man by Donald Trump, was prepared to conduct either ongoing ballistic missile tests or even resume testing of his nuclear capabilities.

Study Shows That INSANE Number Of Biden’s Twitter Followers Are FAKE

A shocking new report revealed another layer of corruption behind Big Tech’s outsized influence. Despite receiving minimal attention, Mark Zuckerburg unmistakably funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to “outreach” efforts to buy certain electoral results in 2020. Now, we are learning that major Twitter accounts are laden with fraudulent numbers. 

Rumors Swirling That Kamala Harris Was Drunk During Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

Resurfaced video from one of the 2019 presidential debates for Democrat candidates is being used to suggest that Kamala Harris was tipsy while on stage. Now, the more we have gotten to know Kamala, the more inclined I am to write it off as her utterly buffoonish venality, but all options might as well be on the table for our idiot ruling class. 

Yikes: German Flagship Lufthansa BANS Jewish Passengers From Flying

If you ever wanted to see a real-life “Good German” just going on along with blatant and state-sanctioned hostility towards others, here it is. Imagine punishing the entire flight of Jews because an admitted few weren’t playing along with Bill Gates’ and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset agenda. That’s just wow enough, but add the layer of anti-Semitism being alive and well in Germany. That’s a whole new level of wow.

“Shouldn’t At Least One Of Them Go Down?!”: Elon Musk Clamors For Jeffrey Epstein’s Client List

Despite intense public interest and fundamental application of the law, not a single name on Epstein’s client list has been disclosed. Prince Andrew settled out of court with one of Epstein’s gals, but they won’t tell us for sure he was there. Bill Clinton is known to have tagged along and he’s already someone with a history of questionable sexual ethics. Bill Gates attempted – and failed at – a lame public apology.

Boom: Elon Musk Calls To “Investigate” Billionaire George Soros For His Attempt To Ban “Access To Information”

Now, conservatives’ overwhelmingly positive reception to Elon Musk is primed to explode through the stratosphere. In addition to returning free speech to the de facto public square of the 21st century, Musk has used language he may well attack the heart of the corruption and main source of funding of so many antithetical American values. He is going right to the top with exposing George Soros.

Meet Jen Psaki’s “Historic” Replacement, Another Predictable Person Of Firsts For Biden

Jean-Pierre will soon have the Obama shield; any criticism against her is triply sexist, racist – and, wait for it – homophobic! That’s correct, the incoming Press Secretary is the first “out” LGBT member in this position. So many histories being made! First black woman, first gay black woman, first gay, first hyphenated surnamed (I’m assuming?), first curly haired (again, just guessing here). 

Chris Wallace Already Has A New Job Lined Up

Reports are starting to come out that disgraced Fox anchor and failed CNN+ host Chris Wallace is already lining up to embarrass himself further in the media. The 74-year-old personality could easily walk away from the game, but he simply can’t imagine not being on someone’s television screen. 

Disgusting: Hollywood Actress Suggests ‘Little White Daughters’ Being ‘Raped And Impregnated’ By ‘Black Men’ Would Make Lawmakers Feel Differently

Add to this list of pro-murder crazies one Hollywood actress by the name of Amanda Duarte. You can be excused for not knowing her name, which likely contributed to her truly vile Twitter ramblings. Desperate for fame and attention, if she can’t be a household name through merit then she will aspire to achieve it through evil toxicity.

Musk Cleaning House, Proposes Slashing Exec Salaries And Firing “Chief Censor”

The Daily Mail is reporting that part of Elon Musk’s quid pro quo with banks and lenders includes slashing the salaries of top executives and board members at Twitter. This comes as Musk seeks to make Twitter more profitable in a variety of ways, which also includes firing other eight-figure executives and charging for certain accounts or access to his privately held platform.