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Hailey Sanibel

Teacher Goes On Disgusting Rant, Tells Conservative Students To “Jump Off A Bridge”

That brings me to this video, originally shared to social media (and quickly deleted), back in November of 2021. Note: I tried looking up an update to the situation, but nothing was readily available. Is she still employed? Was she fired? Regardless, can you imagine if a teacher made a comment to Democrats or supporters of BLM? Needless to say, we’d know instantly what was going on. 

Criminal Thugs Descend Upon Florida Beaches, Police Arrest Over 150 Perps and Seize Scores Of Firearms

However, standard spring break shenanigans gave way to all out criminal insanity this past weekend. And no, it wasn’t privileged white kids spending their parents’ money on escalated escapades. It was throngs of unruly and uncivilized black youths wreaking havoc for havoc’s sake. Given the scant corporate media coverage of this and other cities being ravaged by the same criminal elements, this should come as no surprise. Protect the narrative at all costs.

Donald Trump Is Trending Huge On Twitter, Here’s Why

Despite being banned from the platform himself, former president Donald Trump woke up Tuesday morning to a flurry of hashtags that currently propelled him to the top trend on the social media cesspool known as Twitter. Apparently he committed serious crimes – again.

“I don’t know….I can’t”: Biden SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Refuses To Answer Fundamental Questions (VIDEO)

It is obvious why Brown Jackson refuses to answer those questions. She cannot allow herself to define a woman or describe when life begins, because both answers – if given in any form – would immediately demands constraints on leftist ideas. Democrats thrive when they can take a new position at any time to meet the needs of the moment.

One Twitter User Created A Must-Read Thread Of The Hunter Biden laptop Saga

 Everyone in corporate media, social media, and in the orbit of Establishment favorite Joe Biden acted in harmony to make sure the truth never got out before the 2020 election. Recall that linking the New York Post story in a tweet caused your account to go dark – a la Kayleigh McEnany. No one gave it daylight and brushed it off as Russian disinformation.

“Pattern Of Letting Child Porn Offenders Off The Hook”: Senator Josh Hawley Shares Disturbing Information About Biden SCOTUS Nominee

In a series of tweets yesterday, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) raised some serious concerns over the history of sentencing practices on the part of Joe Biden’s black, female SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson. From what he could gather, Brown Jackson’s judicial philosophy mirrors the increasingly common trends to treat pedophiles with compassion and not for the predatory monsters they are.