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Hailey Sanibel

“I Am Innocent…I Am Not Suicidal!”: Convicted Race-Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Shouts Deranged Comments At Sentencing (VIDEO)

Justice has prevailed in the case against Jussie. The disgraced, selfish, and likely mentally-ill actor whose claim to fame is being black, gay, and narcisissitic was handed down a sentence of 150 days of jailtime, 30 months of felony probation, and fines totaling more than $150,000 (which include restitution tn the Chicago Police Department for absolutely wasting their tike and resources as well as a civil penalty).

Glorious Meltdown! Colin Kaepernick Trends And Twitter Erupts Over Aaron Rodgers’ $200 Million Contract

The establishment loves Kaepernick, but NFL owners love Rodgers. You know why? The former is run by stupid, selfish, self-entitled, whiny brats whereas the latter wants to win. The NFL has absolutely no issue paying black players. See: The entire NFL. What’s more, they have paid handsome sums of money to slingers like Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson. Are they suddenly racist when one obnoxious loudmouth goes on a social justice crusade? It’s asinine.

Outrageous: CDC Director Walensky Gaslights With Infuriating Claims About The Past 24 Months (VIDEO)

Precisely. None of the policies have ever been rooted in science in the least, not then and certainly not now. And that is why CDC Director Rochelle Waelsnjy’s comments are maddening, frustrating, and infuriating. We have watched hundreds of thousands of people die needlessly as a result of immoral Covid public health responses, which includes not only the victims of Covid who were denied ivermectin, but the countless suicides, overdoses, missed screenings, and depression wrought by lockdowns, shutdowns, and outright propaganda.

Jaw-Dropping: Glitter Ash Wednesday Adds LGTBQ-Welcoming “Sparkle” To Lent

Let’s be really clear about one thing: Ash Wednesday has a very specific purpose. The ashes represent man’s rise from dust when God created him and breathed into the Holy Spirit. This is not a small thing. Does “from dust you came and from dust you will return sound familiar? Recognizing one’s unique place in this world and one’s own mortality calls us to reflect on our sins and make our lives as meaningful and good as possible. 

“Well, You Saw Her, I Guess” – Biden Blanks On The Name Of His Supreme Court Diversity Hire (VIDEO)

Joe Biden pledging before the election to put a black woman – again, not an independent-minded Candace Owens type of black woman; merely a thought-plantation and identity politics-raging black woman  – and then following through with a subpar candidate is forced and insulting. His accidental shart in the Vatican City was more historic than his selection of Ketanji Brown Jackson. Has a president ever done THAT before?

Awesome: Joe Rogan Doesn’t Hold Back Criticism Of Bill Gates (VIDEO)

No doubt most sane people have wondered this for years. Why does Bill Gates get to decide what vaccines you and I take? Why is Bill Gates heavily involved in the World Health Organization? What about vaccines and passports and rights does Gates feel like he needs to merge? The man is worth $130 billion and yet he feels like he needs to control every last facet of remaining individual liberty around the globe. He’s the worst.

Dethroned! Kyle Rittenhouse Announces He Is Suing Lebron James For Defamation (VIDEO)

It’s been long anticipated that Rittenhouse would go Nick Sandman on corporate media, but there is something delicious about also taking down athletes and celebrities. It’s also unfathomable how much money he could net from these efforts, considering the aforementioned Sandman cashed in for a quarter-billion dollars. If the sky was the limit for Sandman, what is Rittenhouse’s limit? The stratosphere? The Kuiper Belt? The Oort Cloud?