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Hailey Sanibel

HONK: The American Freedom Convoy Preparing To Land In DC

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people. Our entrenched Washington Establishment, rich off the labor of taxpayers and clueless in their belief that more government is the answer, is staring down a convoy which one organizer is likening to a “giant boa constrictor.” If executed, the American version of the trucker protest could snake its way around the Beltway and stop highway traffic altogether.

UPDATE: 95-Year-Old Queen Elizabeth II Tests Positive For Covid

Can you imagine seeing a headline like that even as recently as last fall? Joe Biden warned of a dark winter of death. Omicron was so bad it warranted shutting down air travel. Now, a 95-year-old monarch with recent episodes of medical concerns requiring hospitalization becomes infected with the supposedly worst virus in human history and her day-to-day routine is unaffected. 

BREAKING: Watch As Canadian Police Begin Making Arrests On Freedom Convoy Protestors And Journalists

These videos, just a handful of what is available on Twitter, capture the fascistic and mindless drones simply “following orders” from Tyrant Trudeau. In a bizarre twist, the people most likely to support the police not long ago against the seemingly-radical “Defund the Police” crowd are now the target of intense, brutal, and unrelenting arrests by them. Although Black Lives Matter wanted to defund them for different reasons, it is becoming harder and harder to support a government body whose sole purpose is to enforce the whims of tyrants. Are the police in Canada protecting and serving the public right now – or are they simply doing the bidding of a fascist fool?

[WATCH] Biden Brags About This Vile Act Against Opposing Constituent

Speaking at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, which apparently is a thing, he thought he would connect with the audience of predominantly city council members by sharing an anecdote of why he skipped local politics and went right to the Senate at the age of 29. (He said it was to avoid real work, which was supposed to be a joke but also rings amazingly true; the other problem is that China doesn’t care as much and he wants that Yuan.)

Must See: Hillary Clinton Is Showing Up Everywhere – And Wow, She Looks OLD

Hillary Clinton must have known that the 2016 election scandal was lurking around the corner, ready to rear its truth-telling head. What else could explain her sudden resurgence in the political arena? She has made appearances on podcasts, talkshows, and speaking events. She’s like herpes; she won’t go away and she’s gross.

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Sending Shipments Of MyPillow Products To The Freedom Convoy

Today, Lindell announced that he would set off with a convoy of his own, loading up trucks from his Minnesota warehouse and departing for the Canadian capital replete with MyPillow products. It’s a powerful reminder that everyone can stand alongside the brave protesters in their way. For Lindell and the MyPillow team, that means shipping their products.

Trudeau Excitedly Admits He Has “Admiration” For The Dictatorial Powers Of China

In a newly rediscovered video, Trudeau addresses a room of friendlies about banal leftist talking points. However, he takes it a step further when asked what country he admired and why. Did he mention his neighbors to the south? His neighbors and nominal figureheads across the pond? Anyone that values freedom? No, no, and no. Instead, the man increasingly known across the internet as Castreau casually and almost giddily name dropped China as a nation-state worthy of emulation.

Enes Kanter Freedom Dunks On The Utterly Fake Colin Kaepernick

In recent months, Kanter Freedom has increasingly been a thorn in the side of the NBA, which is increasingly dependent on China for both cheap Nike labor, a sizable audience, and market expansion. In 2019, China already accounted for 10% of the league’s total revenue and was expected to be the main source of future growth. In addition to that, the spinoff NBA China was valued at over $5 billion – fully half of what the American NBA was worth despite being far newer. In short, China is the future of NBA revenues. Enes Kanter Freedom couldn’t be allowed to speak.

[WATCH] The Super Bowl Featured Maskless Celebrities In A City Whose Students Are Required To Wear Them

Without question, the L.A.-hosted Super Bowl was destined to produce a glorious display of greed, hypocrisy, elitism, and better-than-thou moments. It did not disappoint. Clay Travis shared an NBC cutaway of cameramen identifying Hollywood darlings like Matt Damon and Bennifer laughing and smiling while tyrant mayor Eric Garvetti returned for the second time in three weeks holding his breath for four quarters.

WOW: BLM Flag Raised On College Campus

The raising of BLM’s flag also harkens back to previous summers’ exploitation of George Floyd’s death when U.S. embassies around the world hung gigantic banners proclaiming “Black Lives Matter.” Again, robberies, assaults, and murders are all at record highs in mostly-black communities, but good for you, University of New Haven. You’re fighting the real fights.

[WATCH] Far-Left Representative Claims Biden Crushed The Virus – Right After Omicron Spread Through America

Male Squad member Hakeem Jeffries has never been an honest person, but his latest talking points on the waning of both Covid and the government’s heavy-handed pandemic restrictions is simply next-level villainy. There can be no other motive attached to his obviously deceptive shtick. They are lying to us and changing the narrative in realtime.