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Hailey Sanibel

MOMMA BEAR: Watch This Parent’s Awesome Tirade At Her School Board Meeting

A video made the rounds on Twitter yesterday of a Virginia Momma Bear absolutely laying into the superintendent and her school board toadies for their two-year-long inhumane and indefensible treatment of children. Outraged at the continued mask policy despite common sense, scientific proof, and nominal political protection from the new Republican governor, this mom didn’t hold back.

CNN Flashback: Watch These Idiots Fact-Check Legitimate Questions

It is beyond propaganda that a supposed news outlet wouldn’t bother to respond to the questions at face value. Is it hard to accept that 4,100 reported deaths, in a system historically acknowledged for significant underreporting, gives pause to people who would otherwise be amenable to vaccination? Is it hard to accept that wondering why a virus with a survival rate of over 99.98% for people under 40 and hovering near 100% for healthy young people requires the most rushed and extensive vaccination program in our lifetimes?

[WATCH] Elitist Jen Psaki Mocks Conservatives For Wanting Criminals Locked Up

Human nature need not be complicated. If we allow criminals to criminizale, it shouldn’t be difficult to grasp that rewarded behavior will be repeated behavior. Therefore, when DAs like Kim Foxx allow mutual combatancy to steal the life of another person or George Gascon allow mentally ill child abusers to wake up in their own bed each day, we will get more murder and rape. People don’t just change for the better. 

[WATCH] Brandon Demeans Black Women Everywhere With His Supreme Court Pledge

Much has been written about the stupidity, hollowness, and insincerity of this faux concern for the seating of a person with preferred skin color and genitals. There is not a lot to add to this, although Tucker Carlson deserves an Emmy for his observation that George Floyd’s sister is the most obvious candidate for the vacancy. After all, the law doesn’t matter anymore. Only the forceful application of leftist doctrine. The support for the Covid mandates by the Court’s three leftist hacks makes that perfectly clear.

[WATCH] Nancy Pelosi Waves Her Arms And Rambles Incoherently – AGAIN

Right after the 81-year-old Speaker announced she was running for reelection, Nancy Pelosi stumbled into Bidenland with more unintelligible ramblings. For those keeping score at home, Pelosi might edge out Biden in the Demented Politicians Olympics as a result of her uncoordinated flailing arms. Gesticulation gives her the edge and the gold.

[VIDEO] Ron DeSantis Destroys Tony Fauci In New Ad

The ostensible reason behind the FDA’s move was that monoclonals are ineffective against the Omicron variant. Of course, with that line of thinking, then it should also pull any emergency use for the vaccines since they are pretty much worthless against it too.

[VIDEO] Nancy Pelosi Makes A Ridiculous Comment About Her House Colleagues

At a press conference earlier today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi skirted some serious questions from reporters before entering the realm of absurdity with gaslighting par excellence. Her response is factually wrong that it beggars the question of why she won’t be flagged for spreading overt misinformation to the American people.