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Hailey Sanibel

[Watch] Dave Chappelle ATTACKED On Stage For Joking About LGBT Community

After the Will Smith fiasco, this was all but inevitable. Society is already filled with a bunch of over-sensitive losers, and now that they got the greenlight to physically assault anyone free of consequence – Smith stayed in the theater and was awarded an Oscar later that night! – it was only a matter of time before other comedians faced the wrath of psycho cretins.

Insane: Amazon Will PAY Employees For Abortions

In response to red state actions limiting access to, and in some cases banning outright, the heinous act of abortion – and now with an anticipated reversal of 1973’s landmark Roe decision – Amazon announced it would be reimbursing its employees for travel and other expesnes related to terminating a baby.

A Majority Of States “Certain Or Likely To Ban Abortion” If Roe Is Struck Down

Fortunately, it seems that a majority of the union is composed of a more morally and intellectually honest group of legislators and governors. A report released in the fall of 2021, and updated to reflect any current changes, from the Guttmacher Institute predicts 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion in the absence of its corrupt judicial fiat first estabished in 1973.

Hilarious: Ted Cruz’s Epic Troll Of Elitist Fool Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizaberth Warren (D-MA), she of high cheekbone and affirmative action abuse fame, has never been right about anything since assuming her senatorial office. However, she actually spoke some truth in a recent appearance on State of the Union. Here is Warren’s take on the current financial disaster of her party’s making:

Incredible: MSNBC Suddenly Worried About Big Tech Shadowbans and Censorship [WATCH]

With Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, we can add concern over Big Tech to the list. How are people honestly this stupid? For years, we have been told to start our own companies if we were bothered or straight up lied to during congressional hearings about shadowbanning. Then, Big Tech openly participated in the complete censorship of content and deplatforming of individuals.

Explosive: New Book Alleges Joe And Jill Never Wanted Kamala

In a new book titled “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” readers learn that the behind-the-scenes process for selecting Joe Biden’s vice presidential candidate was fraught with disagreements, particularly over the selection of his eventual running mate.

Both Obama Girls Are Dating. Here Are The Rich Kids They Are Linked Up With

Politically, however, it’s worthy pointing out that far-left dad Barack and America-hating mom Michelle raised two girls that got quite accustomed to wealth, luxury, privilege, and elitism. Now, as the latter recently shared on Ellen, both are quite content remaining trapped in the upper echelon of society’s wealthy influencers. Peons need not apply.