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Hailey Sanibel

“Space Is Exciting!”: Kamala Harris Delivers Embarrassing, Patronizing Drivel In Front Of Military (VIDEO)

However, I am also reminded each day that I am surrounded by idiots. I know them, you know them, we are related to them, befriended by them, drive next to them, and work with them. Harris is unquestiobaly stupid, but to half this country she comes across as caring, empathetic, funny, and savvy. I truly don’t recognize my human peers. Dumb people picked a dumb candidate; it’s as simple as that.

Boom: DeSantis Announces Potential Lawsuit Against Twitter Board

A few days after bringing the fight to Disney, revoking their special exemptions under the half-century-old Reedy Creek Act, DeSantis once again proved that the formula to defeat leftism in America is by going on the offensive. This time, the attack is on social media corruption.

ICYMI: Three College Students Shredded Dems At Their “Disinformation” Conference – Watch Their Questions And The Squirming Panelists

This past week, the University of Chicago hosted a conference titled “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy.” It could not have been more Orwellian; the conference featured blatantly grotesque misrepresentation, lies, and falsehoods by the very speakers designed to discuss the quite real problem of dishonesty in the media.

[Watch] Joe Biden Is HUMILIATED By Barack Obama’s White House Return, Ignored By Guests And Referred To As Vice President

Barack Obama made a return to the White House last night to revive the dying Democrat brand ahead of midterm elections. It can’t be overlooked that saving Democrats might have to include aborting Brandon, because if anything was accomplished in his first official visit since welcoming Trump at the North Portico, Obama utterly shamed the sitting president.