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Hailey Sanibel

Rules For Thee: Gun-Grabbing Leftist Congresswoman Admits Two Guns Were Stolen From Her In Robbery

Far-left lunatic Karen Bass, inexplicably a sitting United States Congresslizard, revealed that her home had been broken into over the weekend and that, despite no other valuables being taken, had two firearms stolen. This story is precious because people like Bass hate the idea of law and order, so by all means, enjoy the spoils of your policies. 

“Thieving, Raping, Genocidal Empire”: The View Dances On Queen’s Grave, Denounces British Empire As Nothing More Than Being Built By “Black And Brown People”

I want to believe the co-hosts of The View pretend to be imbeciles, because I just don’t want to accept that people are this stupid. Tragically, Einstein correctly observed once that two things were infinite – the universe and human stupidity – all while noting that he was only positively convinced of the latter.

“Massive Threat” On Horizon In Illinois As SAFE-T Act Denies Police Ability To Remove Trespassers From Private Property, Abolishes Cash Bail

It’s no secret that deep-blue states are some of the most frightening places on the planet. That’s not even hyperbole. Democrat-controlled cities in Democrat-controlled states are more dangerous than most third-world countries. Violent crime and murder are not only tolerated, they are practically encouraged with the insane criminal justice reform measures always cropping up.

Bail Revoked For Alleged Murderer In Heinous Killing Of Eliza Fletcher

Cleotha Abston, the career criminal and lifelong repeat violent offender, was officially charged with the murder of kindergarten-teaching, mother-of-two Eliza Fletcher. Upon receiving the the first-degree murder charge, the judge in the case revoked his bail. Fletcher went for a run last Friday morning and never returned.

Yikes: European Teacher Arrested And Jailed For Refusing To Use Student’s Preferred Pronouns

The New York Post is reporting that Irish authorities arrested a teacher on charges originating in his refusal to use alternate pronouns for a student. Enoch Burke, a self-described devout Christian and teacher at Wilson’s Hospital School in the community of Westmeath had was first suspended from teaching and appearing on campus for not using the pronoun “they” in replace of “he.” 

YIKES: Bed Bath And Beyond Executive PLUNGES To Death From NYC Skyscraper, Faced Massive Lawsuit For Stock Price Manipulation

A corporate executive staring down a more than $1 billion class-action lawsuit for allegedly artificially inflating stock prices appears to have leapt to his death from a ritzy, iconic New York City building. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Chief Financial Officer Gustavo Arnal was identified by police as the man who jumped to his death this past weekend.