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Hailey Sanibel

Insane: Vatican Chief CELEBRATES Italy’s Pro-Abortion Laws, Even Calls Abortion A “Pillar Of Society”

Unlike the staunch believers that denounce Pelosi’s abuorrent position, the same cannot be said of every high-ranking Catholic or Vatican official. During an interview with Italian state television, one such figure, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia not only defended an Italian abortion law, he straight up praised it and went so far as to say abortion is a pillar of societal life. 

Watch: DeSantis Opponent Insults Far-Right Supporters As “Toothless” Hillbillies, Says He Doesn’t Want Votes From People With Hate In Their Hearts

It’s hard to see how Florida would move away from DeSantis. The guy has single handedly saved the American experiment from complete destruction by way of example. He liberated his state from tyrannical federal overreach, stepped in to prevent dangerous woke ideology from being hammered into vulnerable children, and has created the most popular state in the nation in terms of net in-migration.

Just In: Anthony Fauci Announces RESIGNATION From NIAID

Effective December, the face of the response to the Covid pandemic and alleged financial enabler of the Wuhan virus, Anthony Fauci, will be resigning from his position as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious Disease. His resignation is more than welcome – albeit coming two weeks and twenty-seven months too late to stave off the disastrous and deadly policies championed by him.

Hero Mom Jumps Out Of Shower, Fatally Shoots Home Invader While Dripping Wet To Save Kids

A Milwaukee mother of two is being lauded as a hero after rushing to defend the lives of her children after a home invader threatened their safety. The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was in the middle of a shower when she heard her two teenagers begin to scream. She rushed into the bedroom to grab her gun and proceeded to fatally shoot the intruder while still dripping wet, according to reports.