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Hailey Sanibel

Putin Plans To “Lock Her Up”: Brittney Griner Just Got Smacked Down By Russian Court

So, as her Russian saga played out, she found little support back home. The irony that she would be imprisoned in Russia for an offense so meager back home (unless you were in Kamala Harris’ orbit) and was suddenly begging her hated America for help was delicious. I wouldn’t have wished Russian imprisonment on her, but neither will I lose sleep. You see, I know how good I have it here. Griner needed that lesson as it turns out.

Tater Tot, Tater NOT: Brian Stelter FIRED From CNN

The portly and least qualified Regime mouthpiece to arguably ever host his own show has finally been canned from the cratering cable news network CNN. Brian Stelter, the longtime whiner on the unironically named show “Reliable Sources” will be out following his final broadcast on Sunday, August 21st.

Donald Trump Reveals Who Likely WOULDN’T Be His Running Mate In 2024

Donald Trump, despite staying mum on an official decision and announcement for the hotly-anticipated 2024 presidential content, nevertheless continues to drop hints and clues about his political future. In his recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Trump conceded that he at least had eliminated one potential running mate.

Shocking: Minneapolis School District And Teachers Union Agree To Release White Educators First To Retain More “Underrepresented Populations” Among Staff

The goal, purpose, and end result of all things related to equity is the usurpation of power and the redistribution (see: confiscation) of wealth. It has never been about true equality or reimagining systems; it has only been about stealing from those with power and selfishly desiring the exact same system, but with a different entity on top.

Too Funny: Podcaster Reads Chairman Mark Milley’s “Dramatic” Resignation Letter Out Loud

Just like CNN proclaimed that these protests were fiery but mostly peaceful, so too did Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley have an alternative perspective of the country-ruining flames set about across the nation. Rather than see it for what it was – an excuse to steal and destroy and gain power – Milley instead saw it as defending freedom and actually saw Trump as the threat to peace and liberty.

Boom: Chris Pratt Trolls Woke Critics After They Smear His New Hit Show

Chris Pratt has become something of a go-to conservative icon within Hollywood’s woke – some say pedophiliac – circles. He has withstood cancellation efforts and only become stronger. He remains an A-list blockbuster among Marvel’s dying brand and now has a new awesome show being streamed on Amazon.