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Jennifer Mitchell Towner

We Live in a State of Hypocrisy…Not Democracy

Biden wants us to ignore the trucker who crossed state lines (this is illegal) going from New York to Pennsylvania with a load of ballots that disappeared, trailer and all, during the night after the trucker delivered them, first to a place where nobody came to sign for them (he said he waited for six hours), and then later, to another location, where nobody appeared to sign for the load. He gave up waiting and returned the next morning to find the entire trailer, ballots and all, had disappeared.

If You Haven’t Listened To John Rich Yet, You Need To… Music That Is Both Inspiration And Truth

I follow John Rich now on TruthSocial, and he brought this song to my attention. I am not a religious person, but it made me cry.  Nevertheless, I listened again and again, and I started telling my friends to listen to this song too, and to Progress.  I find it very poignant that such a strong and tough-looking man as Struggle Jennings is seeking guidance from God in these troubled times, and Caitlynne Curtis’ voice will make you drop to your knees. 

Dems Try To Take A Bow For July Jobs Report, But Should They? Was This News Good Or Bad?

It is good for the economy, in general, when more people work.  It is bad, however, for the quality of life and for society, in general, when our senior citizens become WalMart greeters, and our mothers leave their children to their own devices because they must work to feed the family, fill the gas tank, heat or cool their home, and pay for health, car, and homeowner insurance.

Want To Halt America’s Decay? Then We Need To Replace Our Current Leader… With Donald Trump

So those of us who see that Rome is burning, and that it is all INTENTIONAL, and that Biden and his cabal are malicious actors hiding behind social justice and climate facades, must resist in every way we can, reaching deep within us for courage and pride.  We cannot live under a regime that invokes a two-tiered justice system while destroying the moral authority, sovereignty, military and economic strength, educational excellence, and the fabric of American society.

Leftist Lies! Debunking the Myth That Corporations Don’t Pay Fair Share in Taxes

This unspoken fact, and many other negative impacts of illegal immigration were detailed by Victor Davis Hanson in an interview in 2019. I watched it on You Tube recently, and Victor Davis Hanson of Stanford’s Hoover Institute spoke of the downward spiral in the economy, safety, community cleanliness, and education of his small town of Selma in the Central Valley of California.

From The Category Of ‘Really Bad Ideas’: US Military Lowers Their Standards… Again

Now, high school diplomas are no longer required for military service. As a recently retired high school teacher, I know how few students, in CA, are allowed to fail and not receive a diploma.  While I was teaching, the requirement of passing the high school exit exam was dropped.  It was, purportedly, discriminatory. What it did was cull out those who did not read and understand English. If you were in school, you had lots of opportunities to learn English. 

What Is The Real Reason There Were No Fireworks Above Mt. Rushmore This Year?

True, many Democrats were outraged by Trump’s successes, and they fixated on his communication shortcomings, i.e. his Tweets.  They thought he was unworthy of the office because he was not as polite as former Presidents. I could not enjoy a hike without listening to the Trump bashing of my Democrat friends.  I would drop back about 30 feet to avoid having to listen to their drivel, and bask in the glory and the wonder of the Sierra Nevada wildflowers.

Despite The Democrats’ Hopes, This Isn’t Going Away: The Latest from Arizona And The 2020 Election

Why would so many ballots be not within printing “specs?”  Ballots that cannot be scanned and machine-read are manually “adjudicated.”  Being adjudicated means a human must interpret the ballot markings to decide what the voter intended in every race, up-ballot, and down-ballot.  Adjudication can be performed by anyone with authorization to do so.  Election officials get to choose who performs adjudications.  The more ballots that are adjudicated, the more fraud can occur.

Americans’ Economic Pain is Clearly Not Biden’s ‘Emergency,’ But it Should Be

Now Biden has declared a climate emergency.  He figures that he can force U.S. manufacturers and oil producers to produce more, which will force prices to drop.  He figures he can open our markets to foreign Green Energy products which will drop prices further.  Tariffs that protect our domestic producers, forget them in the effort to get more Green energy products here cheaper, and sooner.

The Real Question Is… Why Would Pelosi Welcome an Attack on the Capitol on January 6?

Why would AOC come forward to say she was warned a week prior to the 6th of January that something “bad” was going to go down on the 6th? Who warned her?  Why was she warned, and not others?  Maybe others were warned and only AOC was dumb enough to come forward with this information.  She nearly blew the scheme wide open.  Someone recently described her as a rare combination of stupidity and exuberance.

I’ve Been Triggered: West Coast Utility Company’s Propaganda, The Latest Attack On Our Language

The word is (No, I’m not going there) “it.” “It wants to talk next” would correctly, though bizarrely, replace “He wants to talk next.”  “It want’s to be whiteboard monitor” would replace, equally bizarrely, “She wants to be whiteboard monitor.”  Perhaps this is why California eliminated the essay as a requirement for the SAT in 2020.  Next it will be the college admission essay requirement.

Saudi Arabia…Friend or Foe?

  It is no wonder that his call was not returned when gas prices ballooned out of control, and Biden (and Granholm) learned, belatedly, about supply and demand, so Biden reached out to encourage more production of oil by Saudi Arabia.  Unfortunately, his kill American oil and gas policy is encouraging oil-exporting nations (and Saudi Arabia is the largest one) to get it while they can when it comes to revenues from oil. 

Game Changer? How To Protect Our Schools And Help Our Vets At The Same Time

Schools are vulnerable, and most teachers do not want to be armed while teaching, or to have weapons under lock and key in their classroom. The risk that the weapon could fall into the hands of a curious or disgruntled student is too high. Vets could transition from employment in the protection of our country to employment in the protection of our local communities.

Democrats Are Attempting To Control Our Supreme Court Through Fear

In Arizona, the only state that conducted a thorough forensic 2020 election audit, several people have now been charged with multiple election-related offenses, from ballot harvesting to forgery, and two have taken pleas rather than face trials and the consequences they might afford. I just heard that True the Vote’s cell-phone ping data made famous by Dinesh DeSouza’s Documentary, 2000 Mules, is being used to let these offenders know that they have been nailed.

Why Peter Navarro is on the Biden Administration’s Hit List

The January 6th committee knows that Peter Navarro is dangerous as an advisor to Congress post November 2022.  He knows too much.  He wants to assist with the impeachments of officials responsible for subverting our democratic republic: those who failed to comply with their oaths to defend our constitution, and those who are not acting in good faith, with the best interests of American citizens at heart. His facts are incontrovertible.

A High School Teacher’s Perspective on School Safety and Police Presence

At my next school, a small charter school in a small town, I witnessed no safety issues.  I was fired, however, for sharing an article I’d written with my students who were Juniors and Seniors studying American Literature.  The article ran that same day in the local newspaper. It summarized my experience and feelings when I had dozens of bullets fly over my head fired by an illegal alien and two Deputies that were engaging him in a shootout.