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Kevin Horgan

Keep Our USMC By Changing It.

In brief, the United States Marine Corps will be ditching all its tanks and half of its artillery.  The Corps will become a small unit interdiction force, very flexible, wreaking havoc behind enemy concentrations, disrupting logistics, and killing bad guys.

Solution? Look In The Mirror, America!

Hollywood has always been fascinated with the darker side of mankind. We pay to view film and spend moral equity rationalizing it.  Conflict is resolved at the point of a gun. Parents should use more discretion in what their children watch.  At issue is the unformed value system of teenagers who still possess self-control problems.  And Gendron and Ramos are/were teens at 18. 

Rational Analysis Of Seven Topics In American Culture

I would have more respect if a boy who wants to be a girl did so while competing as a boy.  I am no doctor, but any boy has the benefit of testosterone coursing through his frame for years building larger and stronger bones and the capacity for dense muscles with little stored fat.  He has never had a menstrual cycle or managed it with grace while still living and working in a high-pressure social and economic environment of desired equality. 

What Do The Shenanigans At Last Week’s Oscars Tell Us About Our Culture?

Is there anything at all about the Academy Awards that elevates the disadvantaged and marginalized in our poorest communities?  No.  Never has been, though.  The Smith assault itself was a loud air horn signaling open season on the crudest of reactions: random violence, and its potential for uncontrolled elevation.

Book Review: Life Lessons And “Coaching with P.R.I.D.E.”

Coach Metro cut his teeth as an offensive lineman at the US Naval Academy in the mid-sixties during the Staubach era.  Quite a beginning.  He has a humorous side and never appeared to take himself too seriously, a naturally self-effacing sort who was often outrageously funny; but no one ever challenged his commitment to the craft of football and his role as supreme leader, teacher, and authority on personal behavior.

Political Mandates Have Killed COVID Cooperation

Biden and Harris and their minions campaigned against Trump’s effectiveness and stated frequently they would not get Trump’s vaccination.  Then they won the election and had to backpedal.  They campaigned on masks being patriotic and to avoid crowds, except when holding political marches or rioting at night or committing arson on churches and federal buildings or tearing down statues.

The Politics of Abortion And The Lone Star State Scuffle

And still no one speaks to the moral issue of abortion, the great issue of our time.  Abortion by definition is an existential issue.  It is genocide of the poor, a practice supported by the elites who count votes, first.  Women vote.  Babies do not.

The Real Enemy 20 Years Later

What has changed is the vitriol coming from Democrat Congresspersons stating that Israel is the enemy, not fundamentalist Islam, or nation-states that have vowed to eradicate the existence of our only real ally in the Middle East which is an oasis of democracy and generosity to all her neighbors, asking only one thing: please recognize her right to exist.

Afghanistan Is Falling, But Politicians Aren’t The Only Ones At Fault

The Afghans are culturally backward and will never be a model of Western Civilization. They are tribal, politically unreliable and corrupt, avoid strong alliances unless someone is standing on their collective neck or gives them bags of money, have a chief export of one of the worst substances known to man (heroin). They kill young girls for attending school and call such abominations honorable.

Being Worthy of Fatherhood

All we can do is point the way, and we should take due care in making certain that the path we point to is well-trod and clear of danger.  Throwing up our hands when kids screw up is not parenting.  Asking questions, explaining consequences, real follow-up in action, being discerning and discriminating with activities and making subtle observations without judgment will go a long way.

Faith in the Wrong Institutions

In a recent TV interview, former president Obama mocked those who would “be afraid of CRT.”  Mocking opposing views can be effective, but greater minds than mine have already firmly established CRT’s Marxist roots.  The shame is that school boards and education in general have been infected with the cancer surrounding this ideology of division between the alleged oppressors and the oppressed. 

An Objective Assessment of CNN’s ‘United Shades of America’

At one point the woman-of-many-identities said she was accused by commanders in a war theater of “going native,” a euphemism for thinking of the civilian in-country population, first.  Here Bell said quickly off-screen that “going native” was “racist” for meaning she cares.  Nonsense, Mr. Bell.  When any of us goes native we lose sight of the mission, the goal.

Should We Be Honoring the Confederacy? Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Then Weigh-In

There are exceptions to doing the right thing that mar the community’s ability to correct an injustice. Toppling statues and spray-painting vulgarities, like the insanity of last summer, are acts of intimidation and aggression no different than erecting the statues in the first place. On one hand there are miscreants hiding behind masks and mobs and on the other there are politicians babbling about heritage.

Three Significantly Underrated Movies & Why They’re Great – From the Perspective of a Conservative Thinker

Yet the road Murray took was awful, cretinous, murderous, suicidal, really evil stuff, with no thought of the consequence for the innocent and they are abundant. Andie McDowell plays the love interest, which settles the film down as well as Murray’s selfishness, but the lesson is subtle at the end: be the best person you can be, not just the best person you think you want to be, which in Murray’s case is not so hot.

A Tempest in Their Teapot

There are legitimate concerns about the 2020 Election, but the smart money cannot waste time debating the outcome.  It is, and has been since November, a done deal.  The cloudiness of the election, from judicial action in Pennsylvania to inaction by the US Supreme Court and many points in between, is a factor that will rile up people who have already acquiesced to the outcome but still smell garbage.

Chauvin, Waters, Flames

If they don’t get the outcome they want, they will lynch Chauvin figuratively, riot without purpose, and loot when the opportunity presents itself.