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Madame Defarge

The Holier-Than-Thou, Elitist Politicians Plaguing America Is Not A New Phenomenon

The basis of the current snatch the money and run political group is the divide and conquer scam. It has gotten well-worn but is still remarkably effective.  First, the civil rights diversity acts were trotted out.  They are all allegedly designed to improve the status of the indicated downtrodden group. A new crowd is added periodically so that a climate of disillusioned citizens bemoaning their fates can maintain the curtain disguising the graft.  This way funds can easily be squirreled away for the political class.

Federal Tyranny And Its Limitless Possibilities: Who’s Next?

This would help stabilize state finances and would be a step towards eliminating the need for the Federal Reserve Bank which is the source of governmental irresponsibility, unmanageable deficits, and huge amounts of international corruption.  Sargent Shultz and all of his useless comrades would be left needing to find another source for their depredations.

The Crumbling Of The Economy Accelerates – Is It Any Wonder?

Why do corporations genuflect to the left wing screaming porkers?  Many of them have experienced a significant amount of lost business after their announcements of this new policy.  No reasonable director would vote to reduce his sales by 50%.  The answer is the Wall Street set again.  Many of these firms want to borrow significant amounts of money for various reasons during the year.  The banks have begun requiring the ESG formula to be a ruling factor regarding their loan portfolios. If the corporations wish to receive a loan, they have to accept these conditions. This is the latest attempt for total domination of the society. 

Since Trump, The Swamp Has Only Gotten Swampier – So, What Is The Solution?

Will this make Joe Brib’em the next hunger president?  This is just the beginning as expensive electricity is the next hurdle waiting in our path.  Cold and hungry leads to desperation because one has nothing to lose.  The Green energy scam as camouflage has worked so far for the Swamp but they have a tendency to ride a horse a bit too far. The people realize that a couple of signatures would reverse the gas shortages immediately.