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Madame Defarge

The Holier-Than-Thou, Elitist Politicians Plaguing America Is Not A New Phenomenon

The basis of the current snatch the money and run political group is the divide and conquer scam. It has gotten well-worn but is still remarkably effective.  First, the civil rights diversity acts were trotted out.  They are all allegedly designed to improve the status of the indicated downtrodden group. A new crowd is added periodically so that a climate of disillusioned citizens bemoaning their fates can maintain the curtain disguising the graft.  This way funds can easily be squirreled away for the political class.

Federal Tyranny And Its Limitless Possibilities: Who’s Next?

This would help stabilize state finances and would be a step towards eliminating the need for the Federal Reserve Bank which is the source of governmental irresponsibility, unmanageable deficits, and huge amounts of international corruption.  Sargent Shultz and all of his useless comrades would be left needing to find another source for their depredations.

The Crumbling Of The Economy Accelerates – Is It Any Wonder?

Why do corporations genuflect to the left wing screaming porkers?  Many of them have experienced a significant amount of lost business after their announcements of this new policy.  No reasonable director would vote to reduce his sales by 50%.  The answer is the Wall Street set again.  Many of these firms want to borrow significant amounts of money for various reasons during the year.  The banks have begun requiring the ESG formula to be a ruling factor regarding their loan portfolios. If the corporations wish to receive a loan, they have to accept these conditions. This is the latest attempt for total domination of the society. 

Since Trump, The Swamp Has Only Gotten Swampier – So, What Is The Solution?

Will this make Joe Brib’em the next hunger president?  This is just the beginning as expensive electricity is the next hurdle waiting in our path.  Cold and hungry leads to desperation because one has nothing to lose.  The Green energy scam as camouflage has worked so far for the Swamp but they have a tendency to ride a horse a bit too far. The people realize that a couple of signatures would reverse the gas shortages immediately.

The Problem With The WEF And Other Globalists’ Plan For The Great Reset

The financial set now realized that all that was required for control of the US politically was to change coats occasionally and hire the boardrooms across Wall Street. This was accomplished very quickly by using a few slogans with song and dance routines across college campuses.  The recent step to determine the extent of this new dominance was the lockdown of the socialist states of the West by using an alleged health crisis as an excuse.

What’s Motivating Democrats, Globalist Elites, And Socialists? It’s Time To Pay Attention

The unfortunate thing is that the European Union plans that were so easily drawn up 30 years ago were totally in error. The ‘crats wanted a central authority to operate again. Leading WEF clowns felt entitled to inherit the throne of the Roman Emperor but it obviously will never occur.  Only fragmentation and an hourglass dripping towards disruption await the new rulers of the western society. Will the new common language be Chinese or Arabic?

Global Elitists’ Greatest Fear: The Freedom-Loving, Independent Thinking American… AKA, You

Even during this period of global disaster, enough ordinary brave, and intelligent citizens remain to repel the insidious creep of the globalist monarchy. The regimes in place currently that have succumbed to the Global reset program and suffering its’ effects are an interesting group.  They are not who you might imagine.  Sri Lanka, Ghana,  Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Canada, have begun the transition to population control by starvation, injections, and the intermingling of cultures and populations. 

A Second Civil War? Take A Look At History And Our Current Situation

The southern plantation was a functional model of a socialist state.  The slaves worked and were paid through food and shelter.  They were allowed to keep some of the outside money they earned. The socialist plantation was operated by the elite and the help had to do as they were told. It sounds like the Nazis, I  mean the WEF.  The corporate state is operated in the same fashion except that there are no sufficient old age pensions as there were on southern plantations. 

Continue Ignoring Our History And We Will Be Destined Repeat It

Today we have millions of people on the government dole in addition to the poor welfare folks that may need help.  Pushing paper is a way of life for millions of government employees that cannot be controlled.  Even the defense department is in the running for the “Incompetent and Unnecessary” Trophy. In WW2 there were 256 Admirals and 6000 ships in the Navy.  Today we have 359 admirals and 280 ships.   The Army had 2,000 generals for 12 million troops.

“The Arrival of The Petro Ruble Is Upon Us” And What It Means For You

The best option for us is to close the borders to aliens and imported manufacturers.  We are able to be totally self-sufficient.  The rest of the world can sort out their own problems.  It will probably be for the better for all concerned.  The corporate ‘crats have forgotten that GM was the largest car manufacturer in the world.  US Steel dominated. Our oil industry still does.  The union brass needs to realize that they should shut up and not try to pad their own pockets.

Taxes, Government Overreach, and Freedom: Democrats’ Insistence On Ignoring History Is Folly

Our government began with little money or power, but by the 1820s things had begun to change.  Laws on tariffs began to bite because money had to be found to feed the ‘crats and the inefficient Yankee tinkerers.  Taxes have one thing in common.  They are designed to follow the money.  The South was the largest source of wealth in the form of cotton.  Taxing it by 30% to 60% was critical. 

Democrats’ Vision Of Our Future: Interstate, Autobahn or Goat Path?

The new petroleum trade routes to China and India will eliminate any leverage the EU has over Russia.  Necessary commodities for European society are now controlled by the Russian neighbor who they have ostracized and is in no mood to bend the knee towards the New World Order.  Since the Mediterranean countries have already been stripped of their assets by the EU central bank, there is no reason to continue their alliance with the Fourth Reich. 

The Fed and Bidenflation: A Clownish President Carrying On A Long-Standing, Tyrannical Tradition

The Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913 has its’ roots in the blackmail of Woody Wilson.  He and members of congress were bribed or blackmailed into the support of the entirely new financial system for our country used to benefit Wall Street.  The purported idea was to eliminate large swings or “panics” in the economy.  The Fed was actually designed to make sure the banks survived their incompetence and greed. 

Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Is Arrested By FBI – What It Means For Our Democracy

The people actually in charge cannot be voted out.  The foundations of the country now are the Federal Reserve,  as well as those that provide a financial bonus to congress for services rendered. Jan 6 proved that non-violent protest will not work as intended.  We have had citizens in jail for a year. Voting cannot be the answer as it stands today with the rampant cheating in blue states.

Does Big Pharma Share Any Blame In Plague Of Mass Shootings?

Children as young as five have been put on these prescription drugs and made the above list of 37.  These drug-addicted mothers pulled their own children into the drug-filled abyss with them and there were no fathers to help stabilize the situation.  What were the doctors that wrote these prescriptions thinking?  Were they thinking at all?  Were they enjoying commissions from the drug firms?

America Staring into the Abyss: What’s Next?

The transportation system could work well today.  Many of the convicts that are being released into the streets could be sent to the Congo for their sentence while paying the Congolese government a fee per head.  It would save quite a bit of money and they might even improve their behaviors after a decade or two. We could also purchase land in Brazil and send the fat screaming kids there to create their own idea of societal perfection far from the influence of evil whitey.  This would also relieve society of huge financial burdens.  If they were successful in the new creation, we could emulate the model here.

Today’s Censorship And Propaganda From The Left Has Deep Roots

The beginning of official government thought control and censorship has been announced with a high school girl squealing in delight at being the center of attention on her phone as well as being the chief government censor.  Heaven forbid that your peroxide style is out of date. You could be sent to Boston!

The Values Of Socialists? There’s No Such Thing… They Have No Values

These children of wealth then reared children of narcissism.  The kids today are the fruit of a plastic structured culture with no strength or resiliency   All fall into a line of perfectly adjusted everlasting mediocrity.   The psychiatric profession and drug manufacturers are enjoying incredible financial bounty as the neurotics, both parents and children, cannot adapt to a competitive society.  Not everyone gets a ribbon.