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Jeffery Epstein And Bill Clinton: 8 Young Women Were Brought To White House During Visits

The White House logs confirmed that three of those trips to the White House were to attend a dinner with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Blue Room with dozens of other wealthy guests in attendance, too. There is no other information on what Epstein did during his visits to the White House, but it was reported he would go to the same wing where Clinton spent most of his time.

Biden Landscaping Services? Strange Concrete Wall Being Erected Around White House

Several videos have surfaced on Twitter that show white concrete barriers being placed around the White House’s front lawn.  The video shows a digger lifting up white concrete barriers known as K-Rails. Construction workers would then place long pieces of white plywood on top of the K-Rails. In times past, K-Rails would be resurrected when foreign officials are in town, but according to Biden’s schedule, there aren’t any planned meetings with any foreign officials. Andrew Leyden, a YouTuber who has become quite notable for filming the DC area, also filmed the ongoing construction.