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Parker Beauregard

Clueless: The Establishment GOP Thinks This Leftist Former Wrestler And Hollywood Star Could Pose A Threat To Trump In 2024

There is then the fact that The Rock openly admits that he doesn’t “know the first thing about politics or policy.” Look, I can live with the fact that he doesn’t know about politics. As far as I am concerned, the less the better. We have seen how politicians ruin everything. That being said, not knowing about policy is a problem. Not knowing policy sums up leftism: Do whatever feels good, damn the consequences.

On The 25th Anniversary Of His First Green Jacket, A Reflection On Tiger Woods’ Return To Augusta

People inherently love greatness (unless you’re a Democrat; then you love equity). Tiger Woods was great. He was more than great. Even if you had money against him on that memorable 2005 Sunday round, it was still impossible to not be in awe. Who else would pull that off except him? In that instant, Woods cemented himself as the epitome of a dominant competitor. 

Black Passenger Accuses Delta Airlines Of Turning Her Into Rosa Parks (VIDEO)

People like Camille, news outlets like Revolt, and everyone else that pushes the morally-damaging and intellectually-stunting propaganda of American systemic racism needs to stop. Camille is obviously fine and any frustration she feels is the result of her own mental weakness – wrought by her belief in identity politics – and not the actions of two white co-passengers or Delta.

Did The Slaves Or MLK Know Freedom Was Actually A Dog Whistle For White Supremacy?

The cynical side of me thinks that corporate whores publish tripe like this to plant certain seeds and to eventually shift the Overton Window. The idea that freedom is bunk sounds silly today, but will it always sound silly? Leftists are very adroit at playing the long game. I hope I am wrong, although some things are just too stupid to attribute just to stupidity.

OPINION: How Many Times Can NYC Mayor Eric Adams Get Away With Anti-White Racism?

Imagine this scenario: A white male in government – he could be a mayor, governor, or president – is recorded calling other people of other races a derogatory term. In a later press conference, that same person comfortably calls anyone that disagrees with him a racist. More than that, they reprimand them for their alleged racism. Would you trust this person to lead your community? Would you consider them qualified to hold that office? How would the media report it?

The Declining Prospects Of A Donald Trump Presidency

Apparently, I am not the only one. A recent, unsolicited column by a separate author at The Blue State Conservative wrote a compelling piece asking the same question: Is Trump the one for 2024? It is worth taking the time to read. Perhaps most instructive was a reading of the comments section from both pieces, which I will provide at the end of the article. Spoiler: I expected a lot of pushback. Instead, we got mostly sympathetic agreements. Interesting, right?

Zero Clue: Democrats’ Quest For Zero Cancer Deaths, Zero Road Deaths, And Zero Covid Deaths

The takeaway from all of this? Democrats are idiots. These latest policy outlines are rooted in as much common sense as posting gun-free zone signs. If they allow zero guns in schools, then there won’t be any school shootings! Jokes aside, though, there are real consequences to such folly. The quest for zero anything can only be achieved through imposition of force. The easiest way to end Covid deaths? Lock us up. The easiest way to end road fatalities? Take away the keys.

Where Was NYPD’s Impressive Solidarity For Civil Rights?

However, and this is the crux of a major issue, like society as a whole, the police have a decision to make. What orders will they choose to follow? Will they enforce tyranny or will they stand up for freedom? (And no, having police does not negate the notion of freedom; we are more free when bound by certain structures.) 

Joe Biden’s Problematic Pledge To Nominate A Black Female Justice

More than anything else, the entire process is demeaning to black women. Are they unable to rise to the occasion themselves? Tell that to the eventual nominee and justice, who will forever be seen as an affirmative action hire. Every utterance and every decision will be marred by rightful critique. How is this good for her? Or of us?

For Democrats, The Better Life Gets The More They Complain

Compounding the mandatory outrage is the fact that as life does get better, a leftist must repress reality and empiricism. There is a correlating inverse relationship with goodness in the world and leftist hysteria. It makes sense; the more obvious the goodness is, the louder they must scream to counteract it.

Does Sotomayor Not Trust The Science?

One last thought: We are told that Sonia Sotomayor is triple vaccinated. Does she believe the vaccines work? If so, then why is she hiding in her chambers? If not, then why is she demanding the entire country submit to them?

Why Don’t Leftists Want To Be Right?

The most prominent black voices espousing a tragic world view have a massive audience, a huge paycheck, and an outsized influence. If that’s oppression then sign me up. Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama cheerlead the Victim Olympics, yet no one ever asks how they were able to overcome this supposed oppression.

The Lizzo Problem: Glorifying Obesity And Increasing Health Risks

The issue of lionizing obesity is a problem in and of itself, but in light of entire countries having recently mandated additional insurance costs for unvaccinated individuals, it is even more incensing. If the unvaccinated are leading to more crowded hospitals and more healthcare expenses, then the statistics on obesity-related costs should provoke even more outrage. Where is their surcharge? Where is the alleged concern for health outcomes? Once more, both common sense and The Science™ are failing us.

Narratives Shifting: The “Experts” Catch Up To The Rest Of Us

In the usual distortional way, the newest mainstream Covid narratives are finally acknowledging basic facts that would suggest a reduction for concern while simultaneously ramping up alarmism to maintain extreme precautions. It’s a powerful reminder that the ruling class has no inclination to ever be honest with, or relinquish its desired authority over, us.

Military Intelligence: Covid Was Developed As A Vaccine For Bats

On Tuesday, Project Veritas released some of the most intense Covid-related documents I have come across. The old axiom goes that life is stranger than fiction, and some of what was published certainly accomplished that. Indeed, a work from Bradbury or Vonnegut might not have conjured up such fantastical story elements.