Parker Beauregard

Why Don’t Leftists Want To Be Right?

The most prominent black voices espousing a tragic world view have a massive audience, a huge paycheck, and an outsized influence. If that’s oppression then sign me up. Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama cheerlead the Victim Olympics, yet no one ever asks how they were able to overcome this supposed oppression.

The Lizzo Problem: Glorifying Obesity And Increasing Health Risks

The issue of lionizing obesity is a problem in and of itself, but in light of entire countries having recently mandated additional insurance costs for unvaccinated individuals, it is even more incensing. If the unvaccinated are leading to more crowded hospitals and more healthcare expenses, then the statistics on obesity-related costs should provoke even more outrage. Where is their surcharge? Where is the alleged concern for health outcomes? Once more, both common sense and The Science™ are failing us.

Narratives Shifting: The “Experts” Catch Up To The Rest Of Us

In the usual distortional way, the newest mainstream Covid narratives are finally acknowledging basic facts that would suggest a reduction for concern while simultaneously ramping up alarmism to maintain extreme precautions. It’s a powerful reminder that the ruling class has no inclination to ever be honest with, or relinquish its desired authority over, us.

Military Intelligence: Covid Was Developed As A Vaccine For Bats

On Tuesday, Project Veritas released some of the most intense Covid-related documents I have come across. The old axiom goes that life is stranger than fiction, and some of what was published certainly accomplished that. Indeed, a work from Bradbury or Vonnegut might not have conjured up such fantastical story elements.