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Selwyn Duke

Can We Stop with the ‘Indigenous’ Bit Already?

The bottom line is that we have a civilization here, now, today. If it’s worth preserving — and it has given us lifestyle and law unprecedented in history — then we should robustly defend its institutions and traditions. Tearing it down in deference to a false noble-savage fantasy that we’d never actually want as reality is, frankly, stupid.

If Your Clothes Sometimes Stink as Badly as the Culture, Blame Big Brother

When a fleece I often wear during outdoor activity would get wet and I couldn’t let it dry sufficiently, it would sometimes develop that putrid odor that results from extreme bacteria build-up. Then it was time for a good washing, of course. But I found this difficult in my building’s a communal laundry, which only has “high efficiency” machines that appear to just spray the clothes with water. I found myself running the fleece through cycles multiple times to effect a sufficient cleaning. High efficiency?

Zero COVID Deaths: Sweden’s Anti-lockdown Strategy Has Worked

The point is that we must go on with life. Ours isn’t a Last Man on Earth/Omega Man situation, where a virus exterminates most of humanity and zombies roam the countryside. As renowned COVID physician Dr. Peter McCullough has pointed out, the China virus has always been treatable, and a correct and official SARS-CoV-2 treatment protocol could have saved 85 percent of those who died from the virus. (You can partially thank Anthony Fauci for its lack.)

Study: Rising CO2 IS a Deadly Problem — in Kids’ Bodies — Because of Face Masks

Carlson makes the point that the medical authorities should have known the dangers of widespread mask wearing (video below). After all, he related, there was a huge study out of Vietnam in 2015 already showing that cloth masks may increase the risk of infection, and he stated that Anthony Fauci admitted in his private emails that mask-wearing was useless.

Britain’s Largest Paper Admits: “Trump Was Right!”

Yet it should be noted that what Trump suggested isn’t “his” idea or even a conservative one, but a longstanding forest-management strategy. Consider, for example, that the left-wing New York Times ran the following headline in August 2016: “Like Tens of Millions of Matchsticks, California’s Dead Trees Stand Ready to Burn.”

The Truth: Biden is Supposed to DENY HIMSELF Communion

For the record, Signorile needs to bone up on his theology. The Church does not teach that all mortal sins are equally grave but that, as I believe St. Augustine put it, there’s a hierarchy of sin. And not many acts compare with murdering unborn babies.

Speaking Arabic, Muslim School Board Member Urges Jihad at American High School Graduation

It’s easy now to assume that anti-American Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) must be Omeish’s role model. Yet note here that she “is the daughter of Esam Omeish, a surgeon who was born in Libya,” tells us. “Her father was a member of the Virginia Commission of Immigration. In 2007, he was ironically forced to resign over the usage of the word ‘Jihad,’ when a video showed him condemning Israel’s actions at the time and advocating ‘the jihad way.’”

Once-peaceful Sweden Is Now the Gun-violence Capital of Europe

The reality is that boys could and did carry firearms on New York City subways in the 1940s and ‘50s (they had rifle clubs at school) but can’t today because the people were different back then. Likewise, many people are different in Sweden now — morally, spiritually, philosophically, and culturally — than they were a couple of generations ago.

Conservatives Who Call Caitlyn Jenner “She” Participate in a Lie

Jenner, of course, is the famed ex-Olympian whose given name is “Bruce” and who now claims to be a woman. A longtime Republican, he’s also now running for the California governorship, which has made conservatives even more sympathetic to his cause (even if a big part of it isn’t, ostensibly, theirs).

Washington Doctor Demands “a Recount” — “of COVID Deaths”

The government had long said there were “only” 11 million illegal aliens in our nation, but academic studies place the actual number at two to three times higher. The Centers for Disease Control had maintained that the risk of contracting the coronavirus outdoors was “less than 10 percent,” but it turns out the agency made a bush-league mistake: The actual number may be less than 0.1 percent.

How the Left Plans To Put Boots on the Ground to Subdue Middle America

Of course, white supremacists are about as common as straight, happily married women at a NOW convention; why, I’m well into middle age and I don’t know that I’ve ever met one. This isn’t to say there aren’t liberals delusional enough to believe the threat is real; that they’re detached from reality is partially why leftists are so dangerous.